How to Texture a Wall in Mission Canyon, CA with a Roller, By Hand, Spraying & More

Most people don’t want their house to look the same as the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. That is why most people choose to have something that helps them feel like their home represents them. This can be in the way that you lay out the furniture, or the actual furniture that you choose. It can be the décor that goes on the walls and around the house. The first part and the base of any home are the floors and of course the walls. The walls can be painted with a standard base color like most people or you can choose to go out of the box. Wallpaper seems to come into a more modern realm on occasion but texture to the walls can be a long lasting option. The texture you choose to have on your walls can set you apart and give your home a more unique look and feel. You want to make sure that you know what options there are for texture on your walls. McKay’s Painting outlines how texture can be added to the walls of your home.

Knockdown Drywall Texture

When the walls are being prepared for paint they are usually smooth and have no texture to start. The walls after they are prepped and ready for paint will include adding a material that is called spackle. The spackle is applied in several ways to add a specific look to the walls. At this point you want to make sure you are ready to decide on the type of finish and texture you want. You can choose to have it build up and then smoothed partially down or you can have it spread over leaving some rounded lines of texture. You can also choose a brush finish that will leave texture that you can it have painted over. This leaves a look as well as a feel on the walls that can give you the unique look that you want.

Texture Paste with Stencils

If you are not ready to commit to a full proper texture you can use stenciling to add texture in a different way. The texture comes from painting the walls that are in your house. The color that you choose is called the base color. The texture is added with a secondary color and a stencil that shows the look that you want. The stencil can be any number of shapes, patterns and words. You then want to choose a secondary color that goes well with your base color. Some people choose to use a color that is the only shades lighter or darker than that base. The finished look adds texture to the walls and the room as well.

Install Decorative Wood Paneling

If you want to have a more modern approach to the texture world you can use wood panels to add some to the house. The walls can have wood panels that are installed along the walls. It can go from ceiling to floor or you can have a smaller potion that is installed. The wood panels can then be painted and this is a great way to add more texture to a room.

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