How to Tell if You Need New Replacement Windows in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Tell if You Need New Replacement Windows in Santa Barbara, CA

Most homeowners don’t really think about their windows and believe that new windows aren’t really necessary but there will come a time when you’ll need to think about replacing them. Old windows have many hidden costs other than the huge heating and cooling bills. The biggest reason you should think about replacing your old windows is the danger that older windows can pose. Older windows are more likely to break than newer ones and the panes in older windows are also thinner and can shatter with even a slight pressure change or a change in the temperature. Should this happen you’ll be dealing with a large hole in your home, not to mention shards of glass everywhere. Home inspections include looking at the windows and many times problems with the windows are discovered, leading to more hassles. New windows are also a great way to increase the value of your home. Window replacement isn’t always completely necessary but going over a simple checklist will help you figure out if your windows have run their course.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Windows

Are your windows hard or impossible to close? If you need to use a chair propped up against it or using tape to keep it closed you have a fire hazard in your home. It may be more difficult getting it open if you’ve jerry rigged it shut and you also have the risk of unwanted entry if your windows don’t shut properly.
Are the windows painted shut? If you can’t open your windows it makes it very hard to have airflow in your home on days you can have the windows open. This also poses a fire hazard and can trap fire victims in the home and become a devastating situation.
Do you need to crank-open your windows? Windows with a crank-and-gear opening mechanism will break down after awhile. If you’re using a lot of force to open the window chances are the mechanism is breaking down.
Is it drafty near your windows? Feeling a draft means there is inadequate insulation. Older windows have poor insulation. Replacing them with newer ones will save you money as the air you’re paying to be cool or warm isn’t getting out.
Do your windows get frosty? While they look pretty in pictures, if it’s happening to your windows that the one sheet of glass on your older windows isn’t working as well as a newer windows that have two sheets with a small gap to moderate the temperature of the glass.
Can you easily hear outside noise? Sound moves easily over the air. If your neighbor’s barking dog sounds like it’s in your home then your windows aren’t doing their job.
Are there signs of wear and tear? Do the window jambs, sill and frames look worn out? The glass isn’t the only thing that needs to be looked at. As these other parts start to get old, gaps will be created along with other problems.

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