How to Tell if Deck Boards are Rotten in Mission Canyon, CA; Splitting Wood Planks & More

Your house is a place you want to be able to go and enjoy and that means that you need to care for it. There are repairs and replacements you have to make to keep it looking its best. The house is one part and the deck outside the house is another. The deck on your home is just as important as any of your main living spaces. When the weather is nice outside you want to be able to utilize the space on your deck. That means that the deck needs to be in good shape so that it can be used. If it is damaged you will not be able to place a barbecue, chairs and tables so that you can sit out and enjoy the day and night. Many people choose to use the space to cook meals, eat meals and hang out with friends and families. The deck can become damaged over time and it is a good idea to know what the signs of a damaged deck is. McKay’s Painting outlines the signs of a rotting deck.

Splitting, Checking & Cracking Wood Deck Planks

When you are keeping an eye on your deck you want to make sure you are aware of any splits or cracks in the planks. The planks are a part of the deck and if they are not sealed and cared for they can be rotted out and soaked causing it to split or crack. The planks will expand when they are full of moisture and that is why it will cause them to split. The wood planks are prone to be full of moisture because the weather has rain and other moisture. When it lands on the deck and stays there it can soak in and that will cause a problem that includes rotting. If you notice that your planks are splitting and cracking you want to have them inspected for rotting and then repaired right away.

Mold & Mildew on Wooden Deck Boards

Your deck is outdoors and it is supposed to stand up against the elements. That does not mean that there are not going to be problems with moisture. There are many signs that you have an issue with moisture that is then leading to rotting planks. One of the main problems is when the planks are left with moisture that is then covered with another object. This can be leaves, furniture or clothing. If it is left on the deck and the moisture builds under it mold and mildew can start to grow. This is a major problem and a sure sign that you have a water rotted deck. You want to make sure that you have the area inspected and repaired by a professional.

Wood Deck Sagging in Middle

The wood that is used to manufacture your deck should be hard and sturdy. It should be level and stay that way through the life of the deck. If you start to notice that the planks are sagging or have soft spots they are likely being exposed to moisture and that is causing them to rot. They need to be repaired and also sealed properly so that the planks are not over exposed to the moisture.

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