How to Spruce Up Your Office During Business Closures in Orcutt, CA; Wallpaper Removal, Interior Painting & More

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the entire world. Everyone is trying to adjust to a new normal as they strive to follow the rules of social distancing and government shutdowns. Kids are being homeschooled instead of sent to school every day. Businesses are temporarily shut down until this health crisis has slowed down. If you have a business that was shut down you may be wondering what on earth you are going to do with your time right now. McKay’s Painting wants to offer you something that you may not have considered as an option. What if you used this time to update your office? Many times, business owners do not have the time needed to shut down their office and take care of some much-needed tender loving care inside their office. Since your hands were tied in shutting down your business you should try and take advantage of it! We are going to talk about some services that you may benefit from during this period of government shutdown.

Wallpaper Removal

Thirty years ago, wallpaper was an extremely trendy d├ęcor option. Business owners had wallpaper hung in their offices to help them look on trend. If you have an office that has outdated wallpaper in it, hire McKays Painting to come out and take it down for you. Wallpaper removal is a tedious and frustrating process if you do not know what you are doing. We have years of experience that have helped us perfect the process of how to best remove wallpaper. We can get the job in no time.

New Interior & Exterior Paint

Our next service that you may want to take advantage of at this time is painting. When you look at the interior and exterior of your paint does it look fresh and clean still? Normally having your office painted, especially the interior, is difficult because you have employees and customers in the office. Take advantage of the empty office by having McKays Painting come out and paint. A simple coat of paint can truly transform your office. Your office will look fresh and new again when we are done.

Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing

For three generations McKay’s Painting has provided commercial services. Over the years we have perfected the process of cleaning the exterior of your business. Part of this cleaning includes pressure washing your property. We have state-of-the-art products and equipment that allows us to get your office building look clean and inviting. Studies repeatedly show that they are more likely to enter businesses if they look clean from the outside.

Baseboards & Trim

Another area that business owners do not always have the time to update is their baseboards. Over time all baseboards get knicked and stained. We can repair, replace, or install the baseboards in your office. Having work done on your baseboards when you are open for business is almost impossible. Now is the perfect time to have this service completed without disrupting the flow of your business.

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If you would like to schedule any of these services give McKay’s Painting a call today. We would love to answer any questions that you have and get you on our schedule.

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