How to Sponge Paint a Wall with Two Colors in Summerland, CA; Painting Color Combinations

How to Sponge Paint a Wall with Two Colors in Summerland, CA; Painting Color Combinations

When you are looking to change up the look and feel of your homes interior you can switch out some décor but painting the walls is a perfect start. The walls really help to set the look and feel and will give the room a color to start with. Everything else in the room will then have some way to incorporate the color or the color scheme. The paint doesn’t have to be boring and plain you can use texture to add some fun and design to the room. One of the ways that a painting company can use texture is by sponges. We are not talking about your sponge on your kitchen sink and the outcome is not the old sponging crafts that you used to do. The new much more modern look of sponging leaves a beautiful textured finish and can accent a home.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways Sponges Can Be Used to Add Paint Texture to Your Homes Interior Walls

Sponging Paint On & Off: When you want to have the look that sponging gives you then the most common technique that is used is called sponging on and sponging off. The first one is sponging on and that is when you have your wall painted a base color. You can actually sponge on any color that you want depending on what you are looking for. IF you want a more dramatic look you can use a bold color on top of a simple or natural base color. If you want to have a more subtle look you can use a color that is just a shade or two off of the base color. Once the base is dry you use a painting sponge to apply the new color in small areas. You want to ensure that the base under color is still visible. The sponging off is using the same style sponge but in a different order. The base color is added and allowed to dry on the wall. Then the secondary color is painted on usually in sections and with the sponge you remove a little of the paint at a time. The main base color will not show through as much when you use this technique.
Low & High Contrast Painting: Now that you have decided on using a sponge technique you need to decide on what level of contrast you want to have in the end. The lower the contrast the more subtle the difference is between one color and the next. You also want to use the same level of finish when you want to achieve a low contrast wall. If you want a high contrast you can use a base color and the sponged on color will be a drastic difference to the base. This will give a much more drastic overall appearance.
Illusion Sponge Painting: You can also choose to have your walls textured with a sponge to create an illusion. The most common look that can be accomplished with a sponge is stone. The look of a nice clean granite is easy to get to with the technique.

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