How to Skim Coat a Wall in Oak Park, CA; Prime to Seal, Skim Coating with Drywall Mud, Sanding & More

When homes are being built or remodeled, the walls require replacement or repair. There is one major technique used to refinish a wall or even simply re-coat the wall to hide major imperfections. This technique is referred to as skim coating. To help even out the walls or hide divots or damage to the wall it’s important to know how skim coating is done. McKay’s Painting will share the steps of skim coating and how you can renew the look of your home’s walls with this technique.

Prime Walls Before Skim Coating

When a wall or walls need to be skim coated, the very first step, and one of the most essential, is to prime the wall first. The primer is much like paint that seals and protects the drywall from water exposure and other similar contaminants. Especially if the drywall has been exposed to water and there are signs of yellow water stains or moisture spots. The primer can stop mold from developing inside the drywall which will extend the life of the drywall. When painting or skim coating a wall, never skip priming the wall first. Priming a wall is done in the same manner you would paint a wall.

Skim Coating Walls

After priming the wall and the primer is dry, the next step is applying the skim coat. Skim coating a wall uses an all-purpose compound or most often simply called “mud.” With the all-purpose compound you will create your mud by mixing the powder with water. Mix it until it has the consistency of paste. Make sure you add the water slowly. You don’t want the mixture too watered down. It is said the prefect consistency for the mud is one that is similar to mayonnaise. Add more of the all-purpose compound powder to help correct the consistency if it is too watered down, or more water if it is too dry. Once you have your mixture completed, you can begin to apply the mud to the walls. Use a painting tray and roller. Start at the top of the wall and work your way downward on the wall. While the mud is still wet, use a rubber edge trowel, a larger putty knife, or even a window squeegee will work and lightly scrape the wall. You want the wall smooth. Like rolling, start applying the mud at the top of the wall and work your way down as you move to the other side of the wall. Don’t worry about ridges as you move to the next side. You will smooth them out later. Once the wall has been smoothed out and has had time to dry you will want to do the last finishing touches. With a fine grain sand paper or block, sand down the ridges and any other imperfections to finish making the wall smooth.

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Skim coating is a common technique for smooth and clean walls and ceilings. After the skim coating is finished, you can then add any wallpaper or texture and paint you desire to the wall. McKay’s Painting can skim coat your walls along with drywall services, interior and exterior painting and more. Contact McKay’s Painting to schedule our services today.

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