How to Repair Termite Damaged Wood in Hope Ranch, CA; Filler, Hardener, Polisher & More

How to Repair Termite Damaged Wood in Hope Ranch, CA; Filler, Hardener, Polisher & More

When termites damage wooden fences, decks and even structural wood within the home it will require repair or even replacement of the wood. Depending on how long termites were feeding and chewing through the wood will determine whether or not you can simply repair the damage, or if you need to replace the wood altogether. McKay’s Painting will help explain how to repair termite damaged wood that is minor to mildly damaged, as well as severely damaged, and which method you should use.

Wood Filler & Hardener for Termite Damage

This first method is for wood with minor termite damage. If the damage done by termites is only on the surface and they haven’t penetrated deep into the wood’s core, then the wood can be easily saved. However, none of these methods will amount to much if you still have termites present inside the home. Be sure to treat your home with a professional termite specialist to prevent future damage. Typically, termites will create a trail on the surface of the wood that will need to be repaired. These trails are considered to be just minor damage. To begin repairing the minor termite damage, start by using a hardener that fills in the grooves and even protects the wood from future termite damage. The hardener is specific to treating damaged wood caused by termites. Additionally, any holes and tunneling systems can be covered by this hardener as well. This will cut off the oxygen to the rest of the colony and kill them.

Repair Termite Damaged Wood with Filler & Polisher

This second method is if the termite damage is a little bit more severe. Often when termite damage is a little bit more severe, we mean that the grooves are deeper and they have more irregular patterns. When this damage occurs you will need to first sand the wood down to help make it smooth. For the deeper cavities, fill them in with wood filler. Again there are termite damage wood fillers that come in a kit. They will have both filler and a polisher. Follow the directions on the kits. If an area has been infested during the cooler, wetter season, make sure to keep the area dry. You can use a dry cloth to keep the area wiped down and dry.

Replacing Severely Termite Damaged Decks

If a termite invasion was left unchecked for too long a period of time, and the damage becomes severe, meaning the wood has become hollowed out, then unfortunately, you have a much bigger problem. When wood becomes too damaged and the wood is no longer structurally sound, you will need to replace the wood. When a major termite infestation occurs and you need major repairs done, it is best to use a professional contractor. We are able to properly determine what can simply be repaired versus full restoration and how to protect your deck and other exterior wood from future damages.

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If your home, deck, fence or any other wooden structures on your property have been victimized by termites and you need help with termite damage repair, contact McKay’s Painting. We perform termite repairs and deck refinishing and restoration along with many other valuable services. Call McKay’s Painting today!

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