How to Repair Termite Damage & Structural Wood Rot to Deck Joists & Decks in Goleta, CA

When you discover that your deck was invaded by termites or has suffered serious wood rot, it often leaves you with a troubled feeling. So many people will consider tearing down the entire deck due to the damages. As some pieces may require a need to be replaced, you may be able to repair most of the damages and extend the life of the deck. McKay’s Painting will share how to repair wood rot or termite damage on your home’s deck.

Termite Damage Wood Deck Repair

If you have discovered termites infesting your deck, your first step is to treat the termite invasion before beginning repairs. In order to properly repair the damage, you will need to clear the termites out and begin accessing the damage. To determine how much damage was done, test the wood at the heart of the termite activity. Use a knife or flat head screwdriver and push on the outside of the wood. If the tool goes through the wood, these boards will most likely need replacement. However, if the termite activity was discovered early on, you may be able to repair the damage without the need to replace the wood. First, test the wood by putting weight or pressure on the board. If the wood appears strong you can use a wood filler to fill in the termite damage. If you use a wood filler make sure to reseal or paint over the termite holes to prevent future invasion. If the damage is too severe, you will want to remove the damaged pieces of wood and replace them. Termite activity usually begins on the ground and lower levels. However, termites also love damp wood. To prevent termite activity, make sure you reduce wood contact with moisture and make sure you protect the ground level wood.

Structural Wood Rot Deck Repair

Depending on the source of the wood rot, you will want to assess the damage as well as the cause. If mold and mildew has set deep in the wood, it is best to replace the damaged wood. However, surface decay can be repaired without the need for total wood replacement. For surface repair, use a wood chisel and remove the rotted surface wood away to prevent spreading. You may even be able to sand down the early stages of wood rot with sandpaper. Once cleared, use a wood harder on the surface to strengthen the weakened wood. Many wood rot repairs and their methods are also determined by location. If the floor framing and structure is damaged, then it is safer to replace these pieces versus repairing them. The same goes for floor broads. If the floor you walk on is damaged, consider replacing it even if you think they can be repaired. Areas that hold up weight should be replaced to prevent major injuries from occurring. The deck railing is another questionable area. The severity of the damage of either the wood rot or termite damage will determine if it should simply be repaired. As the railing is designed to provide stability, you never want the railing to suddenly give out.

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