How to Repair Peeling Paint in Santa Ynez, CA; Remove Before Priming & Painting & More

In California we can get high humidity throughout the year and for extended periods of tome. High humidity can have its effects throughout the home including your home’s paint. Painted surfaces will often develop small sections of peeling paint. Paint will begin to crack, and peel or turn inwards during periods of prolonged humidity. This can become a major challenge to prevent. However, there are ways to repair and reduce the peeling affects of paint. McKay’s Painting will share how you can deal with this peeling paint without the need to repaint your entire home and extend the life of the paint in humid areas.

Paint Peeling Off Wall?

Paint will peel typically when moisture gets behind the paint. Some of the most common painted surfaces that peel are wood and concrete or block because these materials can absorb moisture and hold the moisture inside for prolonged periods of time. With moisture locked inside, the paint will either crack or bubble creating an opening for more moisture to get in. Within a short period of time the paint will begin to peel. Peeling occurs most often on exterior surfaces and in laundry rooms and bathrooms due to the high level of moisture and humidity.

How to Prevent and Fix Peeling Paint

When you first see paint beginning to peel you will want to identify the cause. In some cases it can be due to a broken or leaking pipe in the wall or a roof leak. Again peeling occurs frequently outside due to humidity, rain, and even areas expose to water from a pool, spa and sprinklers. You may need to do some repairs as peeling could indicate a problem. Some of those problems may require serious repairs. If repairs are needed, such as plumbing repair, drywall removal and replacement, you will need to repaint the entire area. However, in many cases smaller peeling due to mild moisture exposure can be repaired much easier.

Remove Peeling Paint Before Painting Over

For smaller areas that have begun peeling without major repairs being needed you will first want to remove the peeling paint. With a scraper, scrape off the peeling paint and use a wire brush to clean up and smooth the edges of the peeling paint. Use a fine sandpaper sponge to help smooth and remove the last of any loose paint. If you have any spare paint, first prime the sight and repaint the surface. If you don’t have any paint take of the loose paint chips from the paint that has peeled off and have the paint recreated. It is important to prime the sight to prevent future peeling.

Prime Before Painting

To prevent or prolong the peeling affects it is essential to first prime the surface that will be painted. Primers are needed on all types of surfaces, but most especially those that have the ability to absorb and hold moisture such as drywall, wood, stone and concrete. However, moisture can never be controlled especially, outside. Eventually the surface will need to be repainted and off major peeling is a good indicator it is time for new paint.

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