How to Remove Textured Popcorn Ceiling AKA Stipple or Acoustic Ceilings in Bell Canyon, CA

For older homes that may still have popcorn ceilings, which have been out of fashion for quite some time now, may want to have the popcorn removed. Removing popcorn ceilings can be done rather easily or can be extremely difficult, depending mainly on how many times it has been painted over. However, the process does make a big mess and can be hazardous. There was a time when popcorn ceilings contained asbestos and that can be very dangerous to remove. McKay’s Painting will share how to remove popcorn ceilings safely and with as little a mess as possible.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool

If you are removing popcorn ceilings yourself, you will need a number of tools and materials for the task that you will need to gather or buy for the removal of a popcorn ceiling. To remove a popcorn ceiling you will need:
• Plastic sheet, Rags, and Liquid Dish Soap
• Safety Gear / Eye Goggles and Mask
• Painter Tape, Dry Joint Compound, and Drywall Tape
• Putty Knife, 6” Wider Scraper, Sanding Pad
• Pumped Sprayer

What to Do Before Removing Popcorn Ceiling

When removing a popcorn ceiling it is essential to properly prepare. If possible, remove all of the furniture out of the room or cover them with a plastic sheet. Additionally, cut small plastic pieces out and cover the vents with the plastic to prevent dust particles from entering the air vents. It is also recommended to cover outlets and other features that can get dust and plaster particles stuck inside. Lastly, it will make clean up faster in you cover the floor with a plastic sheet.

How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

With the room or area prepared, you can begin removing the popcorn ceiling. If the popcorn ceiling hasn’t been painted, use plain water in a pump sprayer and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of dish soap in the tank. Lightly whirl around the soap to mix it thoroughly with the water. Next, heavily soak the popcorn ceiling in small sections, such as a 4×4 square. Let the water soak into the popcorn ceiling for 5 minutes or so. With the scraper in hand, gently scrape away the popcorn ceiling. The water is essential for not only does it make removing the popcorn ceiling easier, it makes it safer. The water helps prevent tiny dust particles getting into the air which could contain asbestos. Depending on the thickness of the popcorn ceiling, you may need to soak it more than once. You will want to only soak the popcorn ceiling in small sections at a time. It can become a major mess if you soak the entire ceiling at once.

What to Do After Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Once you finished removing the popcorn ceiling, you will need to replace the popcorn with regular joint compound or another form of texture to protect the drywall. You can apply joint compound on the drywall. When applying the compound in sections with seams, be sure to use dry wall tape and then the compound for a proper finish.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California.

Removing popcorn ceilings and replacing the ceiling with a new texture can be far more than some people can handle. Often having the tools and time can be another challenge. If you have popcorn ceilings and need help removing them and applying a new ceiling texture, contact McKay’s Painting.

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