How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets in Hidden Hills, CA; Remove from Walls, Preparation, Paint or Stain Colors & More

When it comes to your kitchen there are many people that want to remodel or make changes. The kitchen is one of the areas of the house that needs to be upgraded and updated to keep up with the latest trends. One of the areas of the kitchen that you want to try and reuse if you can are the kitchen cabinet. They are a large part of the kitchen and can make your kitchen remodel much more affordable if you can reuse them. The problem is that the cabinets might be one of the biggest problems when it comes to the look of the kitchen. The great thing is that you have options with your kitchen cabinets that you can do so that they fit with a new look that you are going for. McKay’s Painting outlines what goes into refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

Are Kitchen Cabinets in Good Condition?

The first thing that you need to do is to look over the cabinets and find out if they are in good shape. The cabinets are usually made of some sort of wood product that can be broken down and refinished. The only problem is that you may have low end cabinets or they can be damaged. You want to look at the doors, casing and hardware to see what needs to be repaired first. Some of the areas can be repaired so that you can keep the cabinets that you have already.

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

If you have decided that you want to change the look of your cabinets it is a major process but worth the outcome. The first thing is that the hardware all has to be removed and the doors need to be taken off. It is best to have an area that you can stage so that they can be laid out and prepped and given some space to be worked on and let to dry.

Prepare for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Now that you have them taken down you need to start the prep work and that all depends on what you are doing. You most likely will need to start with sanding down the cabinets so that they are removed of any clear coat that might be on them. The work that it takes to perp the surfaces may take some time but should be done with care to ensure that the outcome is what you want.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

You want to make sure that the color that you choose is one that you love. You might want to follow the white cabinet trend or you want to be unique and choose a color. There are more and more people that are going out on a limb with grey, black and even blue or yellow to make an impact in their space. You need to make sure that all the areas are painted that were the original color so that you don’t have any areas that are peeking out with the old look.

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