How to Pressure Wash a House for Prep to Remove Chalking Before Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA

How to Pressure Wash a House for Prep to Remove Chalking Before Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA

If you want new exterior paint to stick, then pressure wash your home beforehand. Not only will it stick better but it will look better and last longer. Pressure washers are one of the best tools invented to save time. The high-velocity of the water will blast through dirt, grime and chalking paint. Pressure washing your home will save time on paint prep. It’s fast and the clean surface is great for paint adhesion. A garden hose, scrub brush and TSP cleaning method just doesn’t compare. Many will skip the prep work if this is the only option. Pressure washing your home can clean it without damaging the siding and compromising the paint job and may be the only prep work needed if the paint isn’t peeling.

How to Fix Chalking Paint

Chalking is a powdery light-colored residue on painted surfaces. Run your hand over any painted surface to determine if chalking is present. Pressure-washing will remove any chalking to ensure the new paint will adhere well. Chalking is often left behind when old oil or latex paints deteriorate, and pressure washing is a great way at blasting it away along with dirt and grime. Because it’s so good at doing this you won’t need to use any cleaning solutions like you will if you wash it any other way. Of the old paint was 100% acrylic latex paint then chances are there won’t be any chalking and you won’t need to pressure wash, but many professionals will do it anyway.

Painting After Power Washing

Loose paint will also be removed with the high-pressure but it’s not advised to use a pressure washer to remove paint. High pressure washers can gouge wood siding and knock mortar off between bricks, so it needs to be done correctly. Pressure washers also won’t remove all the paint and then you may need to scrap it all off before you start. This is time wasted. Pressure washing is great for vinyl, wood and aluminum siding along with masonry but isn’t recommended for hardboard siding as it’s more vulnerable to moisture and can be very hard to repair if it gets damaged. Mildew can be washed away with pressure washing but cannot stop it. It will grow back unless it’s cleaned properly. Mildew looks like dirt. If bleach is applied to the dark, dirt area and it disappears, it’s mildew. Mildew can be cleaned away with a scrub brush and a mixture of 1-part bleach and 9 part-water. Any spots that stay dark are dirt and can be washed away with a pressure washer. If your home was built before 1978, it may have lead in the paint. You will need to have the paint tested to have it handled correctly.

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While pressure washers look like a mega squirt gun, they aren’t toys. Never point a pressure washer at anyone or use them to wash paint off yourself. The pressure can tear your skin! Pressure washers can be intimidating. If you feel uncomfortable with pressure washing your home, call the professionals at McKay’s Painting.

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