How to Prepare Wallpapered Walls for Painting in Santa Barbara, CA; Wallpaper Removal, Drywall Repair, Skimming & More

How to Prepare Previously Wallpapered Walls for Painting in Santa Barbara, CA; Wallpaper Removal, Drywall Repair, Skimming, Texture & More

Are you stuck in the 70’s with wallpaper to match? Maybe you are one of those people that decided wallpaper might be a great idea only to find out it wasn’t. Wallpaper has come a long way since then and comes in textures, colors, patterns and shapes. Although it has been revamped it is not the best option for everyone. Wallpaper is an addition that can be added to a wall in a variety of styles. The paper is applied using an adhesive that is mixed to last. The adhesive has a strong hold and needs to be removed a very particular way to get it all the way off. When the time comes that you want to take off the wallpaper it is best to hire a professional that has the ability and expertise to do the job right. If you try to remove the wallpaper on your own you may end up causing damage to the wall. Many people think they can just peel it off or scrape it away. There is a very small margin of error when pulling and scarping. If you get too close to the drywall you can make gouges and scrapes in the wall that will then need to be repaired. Drywall repairs will need to be done before you can add interior paint to the room.

McKay’s Painting Outlines the Steps Taken to Get Wallpaper Off Your Walls & Ready to Paint

Pre-Treat The Walls That Have Wallpaper: If you have several walls that have wallpaper on them and you want to remove them they will need to be treated. The first step is to clear out the room and then pick the wall you want to start on first. The walls will need to be pretreated with a solution that will soften the adhesive that is holding the paper on the wall. The solution is made to soak through the wallpaper and start working on the adhesive. Once it is loosened up, the wallpaper can start to be pulled away from the wall.
Strip Wallpaper in Sections: You want to work in smaller sections at a time so that you are working on the paper while it is still wet. That is the easiest way to pull the wallpaper away from the walls. You can work on about a half of the wall at a time.
Scrape Away the Wallpaper: The next step is to start scraping away the wallpaper that has had time to soak. You want to use a tool that is not too sharp but sharp enough to scrape away the wallpaper. If the tool is too sharp it can gouge too deep in the wall and cause damage to the drywall. You work in sections to scrape and pull the paper away from the wall.
Clean the Wall: Once you have gotten all the wallpaper off the wall you need to clean up the wall. The adhesive may still be on the wall and will need to be treated and removed. Once it is done you can prep the wall to be painted.

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As if stripping and removing the wallpaper isn’t a big enough job! After this task is completed, drywall repairs will need to be done as there will most likely be gouges and scrapes. Next the walls will have to skimmed and textured and then primed and painted. All of these jobs are much better left to a professional! McKay’s Painting offers expert painting services from start to finish.

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