How to Paint Wood Shutters with a Brush (Without Removing Them) in Isla Vista, CA

How to Paint Wood Shutters with a Brush (Without Removing Them) in Isla Vista, CA

You need to take time when the weather starts to feel warmer outside to make some plans about how to update the look of your home. There are some aspects of the exterior of the home that need to be cleaned, repaired and updated more often than other areas. Your lawn and garden need to be treated and prepared on a regular basis and the change in weather is the start of a new aspect of it all. Another area of the home that needs to be checked and repaired and touched up are the shutters. Shutters are a part of the home that need to be checked every year. If you check your shutters and they are in need of repairs and also painting it is a great time to spruce up the look of your home. The shutters are a huge part of the look of your home and having a fresh coat of paint added can really make a fun change. You want to make sure that you use the right method when painting your shutters so that they come out with a clean and smooth finish.

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Is it Best to Remove Shutters Before Painting?: After you have decided that you are going to paint your shutters it is important to make a plan. You need to know what steps are involved when painting your shutters. One aspect that you want to look at is if you are going to remove the shutters from the home or leave them attached when you decide to paint them. There are some shutters that can be taken off the house but there are others that need to remain in place and be taped off while they are being painted. Making a plan on how to paint the shutters is the best way to know the steps that are needed.
Prepare Shutters for Painting: After you have taken the shutters off of the house or taped them off you want to make sure that you prepare them. The prep work that is needed all depends on the damage to the shutters and how often they are cleaned and inspected. You want to make sure that you sand the areas that are damaged from being out in the elements. If you don’t have wood shutters you may need to simply clean the shutters well either with a pressure washer or by hand. Once they are prepared and cleaned you can set them up to be painted.
Choose the Right Paint Colors: You also want to ensure that you pick the right color paint for your home. The shutters can act as an accent color but you don’t want to make the color stand out too much. The color that you choose should be a good fit for the neighborhood as well as the time period of the house.

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