How to Paint with Dark Colors in Master Bedroom, Large Living Rooms, on Accent Walls & More in Saticoy, CA

You may have heard that you should never paint your wall dark colors as it makes the entire room or home seem cramped and harder on the eyes. When selling a home, it is often encouraged to use light colors everywhere which is giving darker colors a bad review. However, that truly isn’t the case. You can use darker colors in your home. It often requires a bit more thought than lighter colors. With the right colors and usage, darker palletes can greatly set off any home. McKay’s Painting will share the best ways to use darker color paints in your home.

Use Dark Paint Colors in Master Bedrooms, Large Rooms, Accent Walls & More

It is important to know where to use darker colors. It is true you will want to avoid using dark color paints in small rooms. However, you can paint an accent wall dark colors even if the room is small. In fact, a darker accent wall can help make a room feel longer. You can also use darker colored paint in larger rooms such as living rooms and master bedrooms. For rooms with a lower ceiling, when using darker colors, consider painting the trim the same color as it helps to make the room feel taller.

Use the Right Paint Finish

The finish makes a major difference, especially with darker colors. When painting either accent walls or you paint the entire room a darker color, it is recommended to use either a semi-gloss or matte finish. These finishes can better help hide flaws on the walls. Additionally, they make the wall look cleaner when using darker colors.

Darker Paint Color Maintenance

Depending on the finish, dark walls can stain easily and need to be cleaned, including dusting. Any textured wall will gather dust. When using darker colors, the dust is seen more clearly. Avoid using darker colors in any room with children as they tend to make a mess of walls. However, if you find you need to clean spills and stains off a wall, use a soft damp sponge. If a cleaning agent is needed, you can use an all-purpose cleaner. You may also want to invest in a wall dusting tool to help keep the dust off the walls more effectively.

Using the Right Decor when Painting with Dark Colors

When painting rooms a darker color, you will want to use light colored furniture to help off-set the dark colored walls. Find a complementary color of the walls and use the furniture and decoration to brighten up the room. It is recommended to avoid using dark décor with darker colored walls. For rooms with few windows, consider using a large decorative mirror and position it so it helps capture whatever light enters the room. The décor is a major aspect when using darker colored paint and can help enhance the home.

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You can easily use dark colors in your home when you use it in the right places and in the right way. Darker colors do add a bit of elegance to the home and should not be avoided. If you have a desire to paint your home and want to add darker color and more, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide quality painting service and more for commercial and residential properties. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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