How to Paint Over Water Stains on Damaged Drywall, Wall & Ceilings in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Paint Over Water Stains on Damaged Drywall, Wall & Ceilings in Santa Barbara, CA

When our roof leaks or there is a leaky pipe in the wall, you will quickly notice a stain coming through your walls and drywall. When you see water stains appear it is important to repair the leak and then paint over the stain. This is not just for looks but to prevent future or prolonged damage. When it comes to painting over water stains on your ceiling or walls you want to make sure it is done properly to avoid continual damage. McKay’s Painting will share how you can repair and repaint over the water stains on your walls or ceilings.

How to Fix & Paint Over Water Damaged Stains on Wall or Ceiling

Step 1. Repair the Leak: Whether the leak occurred from a roof leak or leaking pipe or water heater, you will first want to locate the source of the leak and repair it. Not all water stains occur directly behind the stain. It can occur from the roof, HVAC system, or falling from a second story pipe. Before you begin cutting holes in the walls or ceiling, look for external sources of the leak. Ideally you want to avoid cutting into the wall, look for all external causes first before cutting into the wall.
Repair Drywall: If the leak was behind the inside wall and you need to cut through the wall to repair the leak, you will obviously need to repair the hole. There are many patch kits that can help you repair small or mid size holes. For large cuts it is recommended that you contact a professional drywall repair service. They can repair the hole, apply the texture and blend the texture so it matches the rest of the wall.
Step 2. Dry Out and Treat the Water Stain: After repairing the leak and if the drywall or plaster is wet to the touch, then you will want to dry out the spot quickly. Use fans and a dehumidifier to help dry out the water stain faster to help prevent further damage. After the stain is dry you will want to treat the area with a mold treating agent. You can use bleach diluted with water in a spray bottle or use a commercial mold cleaner. Make sure to saturate the area so the bleach or mold killing agent soaks through the drywall and kills or prevents mold.
Step 3. Prime the Damaged Wall or Ceiling: Next you will want to prime the affected area. Some paints come with a combination paint and primer. However, when treating a water stain it is recommended you use a primer on the water stain then paint over the primer. For smaller patch work you can buy primer in a paint can and spray the area down. Make sure to cover the stain and the surrounding area.
Step 4. Paint over the Water Stain: If you have left over paint that matches the stained surface make sure to mix the paint well before painting over the primer. If you don’t have any leftover paint you can remove a small piece of paint and bring the chip to the paint store and see if they can recreate the same color paint. With matching paint, paint over the primer. Make sure to paint slightly outside the edges of the primer to make sure the paint blends in.

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