How to Paint Like a Professional Painter in Goleta, CA; Preparation, Primer, Trim & More

How to Paint Like a Professional Painter in Goleta, CA; Preparation, Primer, Trim & More

When it comes to painting a single room or the entire house, there are steps you want to take so that your final result has a professional finish. For those with limited experience and who plan on undertaking a painting project themselves, McKay’s Painting will share the proper steps that even the professionals take when they provide their clients with painting services.

Professional Painting Tips & Tricks

Step 1. Paint Preparation
The very first step is, of course, the preparation. You will want to have all the tools, paint and the time needed to complete the project. After the room you are painting is empty, and you are ready to begin your project, you will want to examine each wall for holes and defects. Once found, take some wall putty and fill in the holes and dents in the walls. While the putty dries use painter’s tape and begin taping off the edges that you don’t want your fresh paint to go or bleed onto. Lay plastic or canvas drop cloths on your floor in the areas you’re planning on painting to protect your floor from accidental spills or drips. Professional painters often favor canvas over plastic.
Step 2. Apply Primer Before Paint
After you have prepped the walls you will want to next use a primer, and most especially if you are painting a lighter color over a darker color or you’re painting the wall for the first time. You can apply a primer separately before you paint. However, many brands of paints come with the primer included within the paint itself. So if you’re using a primer with a paint based paint, you can skip priming the wall.
Step 3. Painting
Before you begin rolling the paint onto the walls, do all your trim work first. With a paint brush or other edge painting tool, paint all the edges from the floor to the ceiling and even the corners where the roller sometimes has a hard time painting. When painting make sure for the higher areas on the walls as well as ceiling painting that you have an extension pole to make it easier to reach. This will make for less stress on the project. When rolling the paint onto the walls don’t ever put too much pressure on the roller in order to squeeze more paint. This will only damage the roller and actually makes it harder to spread the paint. If you are using up to or over 5 gallons of paint, and you have a five gallon bucket, it is much easier to use a grid that hangs inside the paint bucket. The grid makes it much easier to apply and clean than pouring the paint into a painter tray. After you have finished painting, use a utility knife and run it across the edge of the painter tape and the wall. This will help prevent the paint from peeling off with the painter’s tape.

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By using these steps, you will find that your next painting project turns out cleaner with a professional touch. However, not everyone is able to undertake major repainting projects. If you’re in need of a professional painting company, McKay’s Painting can help. McKay’s Painting comes with an experienced team of professional painters. If youneed assistance in repainting your home or business, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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