How to Paint Exterior Wood Siding and Trim in Newbury Park, CA; Prep, Strip, Sand & More

How to Paint Exterior Wood Siding and Trim in Newbury Park, CA; Prep, Strip, Sand & More

A number of homes have wood siding and/or have wood trim on the exterior. Wood material used on the outside of a home often requires frequent maintenance to ensure the wood’s integrity. Wood that is exposed to external elements often need to be repainted to ensure the wood is protected. If your home has wood siding and/or wood trim it may be time to repaint the wood. Repainting wood isn’t as simple as repainting interior walls or solid surfaces. There are extra steps to ensure the wood is properly taken care of and protected. McKay’s Painting will share the steps one should take when repainting exterior wood.

Preparing Painting Wood for Repainting

When you need to repaint wood siding or trim you will want to first make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surface of the wood. Use a hose to rinse the wood surface down and let it dry. If the wood was painted or stained you will most likely need to strip the previous paint or stain off the wood. Over time, paint and stain can flake or bubble off and create spots where the wood is completely exposed. You will want to remove the old sealer or paint to make sure the new sealer goes on correctly. You will want to make sure the wood is free of dirt before you apply the stripper.

Stripping & Sanding Exterior Wood

After the surface has been rinsed clean and is relatively dry, you will want to apply the paint or stain stripper. Make sure to wear protective gloves and long sleeves as well as protective eye wear if you are applying the stripper. The stripper can injure eyes and burn the skin. Apply the stripper and allow the allotted time for the stripper to break down the paint or stain. Once the stripper has had time to break down the paint, stain or sealer use a scraper to remove the loose pieces. Once the loose pieces are scraped off, sand down the wood. When sanding wood it is important to go with the grain of the wood. Depending on the wood’s condition (for example the wood surface is rough and has cracks) you may need to use a low grain sand paper first. Once the rough surface feels smooth use a high grain sand paper to finish it off and get a super smooth surface.

Stain or Paint Exterior Wood

Once the wood has been sanded down and is now smooth you can repaint or stain the wood. Make sure to use a quality exterior paint or stain and sealer. Wood must be protected against the elements which is why it is important to paint or stain the wood. Stain will have a more natural looking wood than painted wood. Stain come in many colors and often you will need to put the sealer on top of the stain or make sure you get an exterior sealer/stain combo. When painting the wood you will want to either prime the wood first or get a paint that is a primer/paint combo. Priming the wood is essential if you want to properly protect the wood.

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