How to Paint an Open Concept Floor Plan Different Color Schemes in Agoura Hills, CA

How to Paint an Open Concept Floor Plan Different Color Schemes in Agoura Hills, CA

More modern homes are being designed with an “Open Floor Plan.” This makes living spaces feel bigger and more open. However, most new homes are painted white, providing the homeowner the ability to change the color of their home. One major problem occurs with open floor plan homes and that is using diverse colors. Often there are little dividers inside the home that break up the living room from the kitchen and/or dining room. These floor plans can pose a challenge for those who like to use multiple colors. However, the key is using the right color that helps separate each room while connecting them together. If you want to use more color and help separate each space by using different colors, then McKay’s Painting will share some of the best color palettes used to separate and connect large open floor plan homes.

Open Floor Plan Paint Color Ideas

Paint Color Selections: When you’re painting an open floor plan area, never use more than three to five colors for the entire space. When picking your three to five colors, follow this basic rule. Start by using a white or light color. One or two colors should be a neutral color, and the other colors should be supporting colors. It is recommended to stick with family color groups that also are similar in intensity. Following this basic rule will provide a cohesive yet diverse color palette.
Neutral Paint Color: When you hear neutral, many assume boring but that is not the case. Neutral colors will help add texture and patterns that can make the space more interesting. Choosing a white or light color for your neutral background color will ensure the area feels more open and bigger and provide diversity. With the neutral areas come some opportunities. Neutral areas are a perfect time to use a color accent such as a red brick fireplace or large colorful painting. Again accents with help add more texture.
Accent Paint Colors: In your color palette you will want to add accent colors, especially next to a neutral wall. For your accent colors you will want bold where it pops out. You can use the accent in many ways. You can paint an accent wall or use a feature in the home, such as a fireplace, home décor, or even a living wall, which is a planter mounted on the wall to provide a pop of green and gives life to a room.
Using Three Paint Color Palettes: In large open floor plan homes you have the opportunity to use multiple colors. It is recommended that you use at least three colors, if not five, in open floor plan homes. You want to use each color to draw attention to different features or architectural details in the home. One color should be used for all of the trim work that blends with all of the other colors used in the area. The second color should be for the walls which can vary from each “room” or area you wish to separate and the third a color for the ceilings. The trim and ceiling color should be used in all of the open floor plan areas, with diverse color to separate each room. When separating the rooms with color, use the same tone of color and complementary colors. For example, gray is a neutral color but looks great next to blues, yellows, purples and even reds.

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There are many ways you can paint open floor plans and still bring color into your home. Once you determine you color palette, contact McKay’s Painting to help paint your home and add your own personality. To schedule our services, contact McKay’s Painting today!

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