How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer in Ojai, CA; Apply Primer, Reduce Humidity & More

How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer in Ojai, CA; Apply Primer, Reduce Humidity & More

At some point the painted surfaces will flake, peel, crack and blister as no painted surface can last forever. Once you find the perfect color, most want it to last as long possible and even with routine maintenance and care, the paint will eventually succumb to the wear of time. The exterior paint is especially vulnerable being exposed to the sun’s rays, extreme weather conditions, humidity, dry spells, and other outdoor elements such as pollution, microbe growth, pest activities, and so on. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share the decaying paint symptoms as well as a few tips to extend the paint.

Choose a Flexible Paint

Flexibility allows paint to breathe. For maximum flexibility, consider paint with 100% acrylic resin. The lesser flexibility, the quicker the deterioration, such as that from oil-based paints with limited flexibility. Under the stress of the different weather conditions a too few, thin coats, will have a tendency to crack under the stress, where too many heavy coats will fall apart from the weight. The durability of paint is greatly impacted by the weather and temperature changes. Because it lacks a solid surface to properly attach paint cannot adhere to weathered wood. Sanding or stripping the wood to remove the 1st layer of decay can help the paint better adhere to the surface properly, making it last longer.

Importance of Paint Primer

Resulting in poor quality results, skipping the primer, which too many people are guilty of, will also prevent the paint from lasting. To really helps the lifespan of your paint, choose the right primer for the circumstances.

Test Old Paint

To see if the old paint is in the condition to be primed and painted, you can perform a simply patch test. Firmly stick a strip of duct tape to the surface of the old paint and rip it off. If the paint remains intact, it is in good condition and can be primed and repainted. However, if flakes or chunks rip off onto the duct tape, it will need to be stripped first before primer and paint can be applied.

Reduce Humidity Levels when Painting

Paint can potentially blister and peel when it is exposed to excessive moisture/humidity. You can use dehumidifiers to remove the humidity from the space before painting. If exhaust vents or leaks are contributing to high levels of humidity, be sure to do the repairs. Once the paint is on you do not want it to succumb to humid conditions.

Wash Off Mildew Before Painting

Another mistake that people are making is painting over dirt, mildew, and other microbe growth. Should mildew or other microbe growth be present, be sure to wash it off with 1-part bleach and 3-parts bleach. Let it dry completely before priming and painting.

Avoid Exterior Painting in the Sun & Rain

During the first 24 hours paint is drying, intense heat can cause it to blister. When painting the exterior of your home, follow the sun around the house and avoid painting when temperatures are extreme. If you decide to tackle the exterior painting job on your own, in the early morning paint the south side, around noon get the west finished, followed by the north and east sides of the structure later in the in the day. This will help prevent the blistering from occurring as the paint dries. Paint will pucker within 48 hours if the surface is wet or it rains before is thoroughly dry. Never paint wet surfaces and if rain is in the forecast, wait it out. Finally, ensure that the paint you selected is appropriate for the indoor/outdoor use and for the climate typical in your area. Paint will last longer when use in ideal circumstances.

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