How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider, Bigger & Brighter with Paint Colors in Isla Vista, CA

How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider, Bigger & Brighter with Paint Colors in Isla Vista, CA

If you have been thinking about upgrading the interior of your home and are not sure where to begin you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint. Your walls are essentially a blank canvas to highlight your redecorating efforts. Your paint color selections along with your lighting are especially important, not just for the visual appeal and atmosphere of your interior, they can also change the way that the size of the rooms are perceived. The knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting understand the importance of color and can offer advice to help you make the most of your interior space.

What Paint Colors Make a Small Room Look Bigger & Brighter?

If you own your own home chances are you have at least one smaller sized space that you want to make feel larger. According to the experts at McKay’s Painting, lighter color palettes are the best way to make the most of natural light sources. As a general rule, you should select one shade of paint for the entire room in order to blend the room’s edge which tricks the eye’s perception into giving an impression of increased height and length to make the room appear larger.

How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider with Paint Colors

If you have a large long room that just doesn’t seem functional when entertaining guests regardless of how often you change the layout you should consider selecting dark paint colors with a warm color base. Warm shades on the most distant wall will give the illusion that the wall is much closer than it really is especially if you use a lighter tone on the long walls.

Low Ceiling Decorating Solutions

Higher ceilings are coveted because they make a room appear larger but if you happen to have a low ceiling you can achieve the same effect by painting the walls and ceiling the same shade. How does it work? In essence you are creating an illusion of space by treating your ceiling like a fifth wall, your eye does not immediately discern where the wall ends and ceiling begins.

Other Painting Tips & Tricks

• Vertical stripes will add height to a room and horizontal stripes can make the room appear longer.
• In in a smaller sized home paint the interior rooms the same color to allow the eye to continually travel giving the illusion of more space
• Use paint colors to your advantage by disguising features such as heating vents by painting them the same color as the wall so they blend in to their surroundings
• If your space has a lot of different angles paint all surfaces the same color so they blend together.
• To highlight decorative or architectural details paint them a different color than the walls.
• When selecting your paint colors consider your natural light sources and make the most of your homes best features by following the advice of your McKay’s Painting professionals.

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