How to Install & Paint Between Shiplap Cracks, Grooves & Boards in Your Lompoc, CA Home

Most people want to make changes to their home that make it clean, fresh and trendy. There are lots of trends that come and go. When the come it is a great idea to get on board and use them. After a few years’ time you can change it up again and move onto the next trend. The great thing about the walls in your house is that they can be changed many times and when they are it will bring a new look and feel to the house. The trends of what to do with your walls has changed a lot. There was an entire era of wallpaper with bold patterns, then to textured walls that were painted. Then sleek and clean finishes with bold paint colors and then the more subtle colors that are neutral in shades. A newer design idea that many people are choosing to have in their house is shiplap. McKay’s Painting outlines everything you need to know about installing and painting shiplap.

Shiplap Installation

If you choose to have shiplap installed at your house you should know the process it takes. The great thing is that shiplap itself is not anything that is new and has been used on barns and other outdoor buildings for a long time. If you are choosing to use traditional shiplap to create the look on your interior walls they have a groove in the top of each plank. Shiplap is made of individual planks that fit together securely and leave no gaps in between them. The planks are made to overlap ever so slightly. They are cut to fit the space and adhered to the wall. You want to make sure they are securely fastened and that there are end caps that are used around corners.

Can You Install Shiplap on Any Wall?

The great thing is that you can use shiplap on any wall you want to give some texture and unique look. The planks create modern lines that are a great way to add texture to the space and can help to bring it together with other areas of the house. There are no rules as to where shiplap can be installed. You can have it on walls in your entry way, kitchen and even in the bedrooms. The shiplap can also be installed partially up a wall to create a layered look or all the way to the top. The shiplap should be laid out so that you have enough and the right sizes for the space.

Painting Shiplap

After the shiplap has been installed you can treat it the way you want. The material is usually wood and that means that it can be treated in many ways. You can have shiplap treated with a stain to bring out the wood look. You can also create a more modern look by painting the shiplap a bright white. This is a great color to pair with other colors throughout the house. You want to make sure that whatever color you choose it complements the rest of the colors in the house. Painting the cracks and grooves between the shiplap boards can be tricky for the average homeowner but not for a professional painter!

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