How to Get Rid of Paint Odor Fumes, Smells & Odors in Your Santa Barbara, CA Home

How to Get Rid of Paint Odor Fumes, Smells & Odors in Your Santa Barbara, CA Home

Nothing will make your home feel cleaner and brighter than a new coat of fresh paint. Unfortunately, along with new paint comes odor. Even though paint has come a long way, and doesn’t have fumes that are near as strong as they used to be, it can be a strong smell when your home has been freshly painted. Many people do not like that smell in their home, and some people even get ill from the smell. McKay’s Painting is here with some tips on how to get rid of the smell of paint in your home after you have recently painted.

Charcoal for Paint Smell

You may have heard this before, but charcoal is an excellent option when trying to absorb a smell. You can buy this at most health food stores. To get rid of the smell of paint, crush charcoal and set it out in a bowl in the space that is affected. If you want to get a good start on it, you can set it out before the painters get there and help minimize the smell before it starts.

Remove Paint Odor Inside the House with Baking Soda

Another common household item that is frequently used to absorb smells, is baking soda. Not only is this produce highly effective in neutralizing smells, but it is also easy to come by and extremely inexpensive. You can also place this around your home to help absorb smell, like the charcoal. If you have carpet in the room, you can even try sprinkling it in you carpet and then vacuuming it up the next day.

Water & Lemon to Get Rid of Paint Fumes

If you like the smell of citrus, this may be an option for you. You can fill a bucket with water and add sliced lemon to it in an effort to get rid of the smell of fresh paint. This should be left in the room overnight before removing it. When you add salt, it you will get better results. This is another budget friendly option.

Vinegar Odor Neutralizer

You may be thinking, “why would I put vinegar in there? It smells worse!” Well, vinegar is actually used to neutralize smells as well. You don’t have to leave vinegar out as long as the other options and should avoid spilling it. When it get spilled on carpeted surfaces, the vinegar smell will linger until the carpet is dried.

Coffee Grounds to Stop Paint Smelling

If there is nothing better than the smell of coffee first thing in the morning for you, you may want to try getting rid of the paint smell with coffee grounds. It is a great odor absorber as well. If you hate the smell of coffee, this is definitely not the wisest option for you.

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