How to Fix Common Exterior Painting Mistakes on Walls & Ceilings in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Fix Common Exterior Painting Mistakes on Walls & Ceilings in Santa Barbara, CA

Getting the exterior of your home painted is one thing, ensuring it is painted well, quite another. When observing a professional perform the exterior painting project, many people think it looks easy and they can do it just as well and save a few bucks in the process. But like watching the hairdresser do your hair cut with smooth, sure movements and completing the service in a matter of minutes, your attempts often result in wearing a hat for a month or two. Unfortunately, painting the exterior of your home isn’t so easily covered up.

Professional Exterior House Painters

Professional painting contractors have the in-depth training, hours of daily experience accruing skills and vast knowledge on everything from how products work, to specialized equipment administration, safety protocols, and application techniques. Our expertise make the project look clean, crisp, and precise as well as ensure the longevity of the service. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to expound on rookie mistakes homeowners often make when tackling their exterior painting project in an effort to help you avoid them if you insist on doing this one yourself.

Common Painting Mistakes

1) Surface prep is lacking or skipped all together. Skipping the painting preparation is the biggest mistake you can make when painting the exterior of your home. You paint will latch on more effectively and last longer after the cleaning, scraping, repairs, sanding and more will all help create a healthy, smooth, and crisp painting result. The prep work will significantly impact the final outcome. Do not be tempted to skip this step in an effort to expedite the process.
2) Selecting poor quality paint. Do not cut corners when it comes to paint quality. Finding an excellent deal on quality paint is an exceptional bonus, but don’t invest in cheap paint. Make certain the paint is used for exterior applications and that it is conducive to your climate.
3) Painting the raw materials. Skipping the primer never ends well and painting without primer is 100% necessary when you paint over bare wood. A coat of primer builds a secure foundation for your paint, and ensures solid coverage, too.
4) Neglecting the repairs before painting. Damage can be indicative of a moisture issue seeping through behind the surface. Applying the paint on damaged surfaces is one of the worst things to do, as it will give the overall appearance and will only cause more work down the road.
5) Painting in poor weather conditions. Most paint formulas can be compatible in colder temperatures. Hot and humid days are not ideal to paint the exterior of your home in. Rain storms or paint in the direct sunlight on a blistering day should be avoided as well. Not only will you be uncomfortable to work in, but the integrity of the paint film will be compromised.
6) Painting with poor ladder safety. Many people make the risky mistake of using a rickety ladder and end up on the ground and in the bushes. Whether it is because they are reaching too far, standing on the top rung, not securing the base of the ladder, or following other common safety precautions, it is something that is frequent, but easily avoided. Always practice safety protocols on the ladder and ensure it is a quality one.

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With so much involved in exterior painting, it is more time efficient, cost effective, and the results are superior to invest in a professional exterior painting service from McKay’s Painting. Call us today to get started!

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