How to Fix a Big Dent, Nail Hole or Repair Cracks in Drywall Seams etc in Orcutt, CA

When you decide to repaint your home often there are a number of small drywall damages you will want to repair before you paint. When investing in a repainting project, it is natural to want the project to turn out perfect. However, by leaving small drywall flaws such as nail holes and dents, the entire project will be for nothing. When you want to repaint to refresh your home and you want to repair those small drywall flaws, McKay’s Painting will guide you through some basic drywall repair.

How to Fill Nail Holes in Drywall

Nail holes in the drywall for hanging pictures and knickknacks on the wall often can be a major eye sore after a painting project as the small holes can be easily seen from across the room. Especially, when the nail hole will not be reused you will want to repair the small holes before painting. When repairing small nail holes in the wall you will want to scrape away any loose drywall pieces from off the wall, then wipe the area clean with a damp towel. With some spackle (drywall compound) and a putty knife fill in the hole. Make sure you tightly fill in the hole and scrape the outside surface clean with a putty knife so there are no globs of spackle left on the wall. Allow the spackle to completely dry which can take a few hours, depending on the size of the whole. When the spackle is dry, use a fine grain sandpaper and scrub the outside of the hole to remove any excess spackle. Depending on the size of the hole, you may need to apply new texture. However, most small nail holes don’t need it.

How to Fix a Dent in Drywall

When the walls are dented, the dents really stand out, especially after a fresh coat of paint. Naturally you will want to repair the dents in the wall before painting. Dents can range in size. However, repairing the dent is usually done the same way as nail holes. Start by filling in the dents with drywall compound or spackle with a 4 to 6 inch taping knife. Make sure to apply the compound on evenly so the wall is level and let the compound dry. Depending on the size, most dents can take 24 hours to fully dry. Again using a fine grain sandpaper or sanding block, smooth the surface of the compound on the wall which helps make sure the wall is even. Drywall compound shrinks as it dries. You will need to repeat the process of adding the compound and smoothing it down until the wall is even. Dents are usually larger and require a need to be textured to blend in with the rest of the wall. You can get a small can of texture spray. Make sure it matches the current texture on the wall before applying it on the wall. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

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When your drywall develops small to large damage you will always want to repair the problem before you begin painting to ensure a perfect finish. In some cases the drywall damage may require professional help repairing. If you need help repairing your home’s drywall and paint, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide drywall repair, painting and more. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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