How to Extend the Life of Your Weathered Wood Deck in Saticoy, CA; Cleaning, Refinishing, Restoring & More

There is nothing like a deck to spend a summer night on. It can literally extend your living space into the great outdoors. While a deck is wonderful, it is a big investment when you have one built onto your home. Just like anything else, a deck comes with a certain amount of maintenance. With the right maintenance and care, you can enjoy your deck for years to come and your investment is a good one. When neglected, you may find that the repairs and issues you have with it, may not be worth it. McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips to help you maintain and enjoy your deck.

Importance of Cleaning Your Deck

As beautiful as a deck is, the wood they are constructed from is susceptible to contaminants like mold and mildew. If you have a deck that is low to the ground and is in the shade, that deck is going to be even more susceptible to it. With a little bit of cleaning, you can fight off the risk of mold and mildew, and cleaning your deck really isn’t that difficult to do. Whenever you experience a hot summer day, simply sweep your deck well and then give it a wash with your hose. You should avoid any nozzles on the hose that have a strong jet stream as that can cause permanent damage to the deck’s surface. It is important that you are cleaning your deck when it is nice and hot so that it will dry easily as well, or you could be battling the mold and mildew growth even more. Most decks could use a good deep cleaning twice a year.

Refinish Your Weathered Deck to Extend Its Life

Your deck needs protection against all the weather that is will have to endure outside. This means you need to have it finished and sealed to offer it the protection it needs. If you spill a cup of water on the surface of your deck and the water soaks into the wood, it is time to refinish and reseal it. This usually has to be done every other year to keep your deck protected. When it rains, you should see the water simply bead up and sit on the surface.

Repair Wood Deck When Needed

No matter how well you maintain your deck, you will need to repair it from time to time. When you notice that repairs need to be made, make sure they are done as soon as possible. When you let repairs go, it can cause further damage will end up costing you more in repairs.

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If you have a deck that has several repairs that need to be done as well as refinishing and resealing, you can count on the professionals at McKay’s Painting to handle it for you. We will make sure your deck is ready for whatever Mother Nature is planning to throw its way. Call us today!

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