How to Decorate a Baby Boy or Girl Nursery in Valley Village, CA; Nursery Paint Colors, Themes, Decor & More

Each and every year thousands of babies are born throughout the world. If you are expecting a sweet little baby in your home this year you are probably starting to think about how you want to decorate the nursery in your home. Decorating your nursery can be such a fun project! McKays Painting has a list of things that you will want to think about as you begin your decorating.

Do You Want to Know Baby Gender?

Before you can begin decorating your nursery you need to decide whether or not you are going to find out the gender of your baby. This one factor will determine what kind of decorating you will do. Clearly your choices will be different if you are decorating for a boy, girl, or nongender specific. After you have decided if you are going to find out the gender of your baby you can begin picking your theme.

Nursery Themes & Decor

When it comes to a theme for your nursery the sky is the limit. Some couples choose to select décor and bedding from a store that has a baby section. Others choose to piece it together on their own using all sorts of decor. Still others make all of their own items or have them custom made. Many people are choosing to incorporate family heirloom items into the nurseries. You can quite literally make anything work for your nursery theme.

Nursery Paint Colors

After you have selected your theme it is time to pick the perfect color palette. You will want to select a group of colors that go well together. You may want to check color wheels or color palette options on sites like Pinterest for some ideas. Once you decide on your color palette you will want to pick one of those colors to paint your nursery. McKays Painting would love to help you get your room painted once you have your color picked out. Once your walls are painted you can begin putting the rest of the decorations in your room. As you decorate you may want to pick one area of the room to be a focal point. A focal point is a nice way to draw attention to your favorite decorative piece. You will also want to equip your nursery with all of the necessary furniture during this process. Every parent wants something different when it comes to nursery furniture. Take the time to think about what you will want to have in your room. If you are a first-time parent you may not know what you will want to have in your nursery. Ask your parents or friends that have kids to give you some suggestions.

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McKay’s Painting hope that as you prepare your nursery that you will take time to really cherish and enjoy each step of the way. Having a baby is such a life changing experience. We hope that taking time to get your nursery ready will be a memorable part of the journey for you. We can’t wait to help in the process! Contact us today.

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