How to Clean Walls with Flat Latex or Oil Based Paint without Removing it in Mission Canyon, CA

How to Clean Walls with Flat Latex or Oil Based Paint without Removing it in Mission Canyon, CA

After taking the time and money to repaint a room, you’ll notice it can complete revitalize your home and bring you a sense of pleasure. However, it doesn’t take much time at all before little one’s run crayons, leave fingerprints, or splash juice all over your walls. There are a number of scenarios which can stain or dirty up your freshly painted walls. It doesn’t usually take too much time to quickly wipe down a wall. However, depending on the type of paint you have, you can ruin your paint job just as quickly. It is important to know how to clean a wall after it has been painted. McKay’s Painting will cover the different types of paint and how to properly clean your painted walls or ceilings.

How to Tell what Kind of Paint is on the Wall

There are two major types of paint: Latex and Oil Based paint. Each comes in a variety of sheens or finishes. You will first need to determine which type of paint was used on your wall before you begin cleaning. If you recently painted your home, you probably know which type of paint was used. If not, then one way to test the wall to determine if it is latex or oil base is by using a Q-tip soaked in Rubbing Alcohol. In a small discrete area, rub the alcohol on the wall. If the paint comes off, it is a Latex paint and not oil.

How to Clean Stains from Latex Painted Walls

For basic maintenance cleaning of latex painted walls, you can use either a multi-purpose cleaner diluted with warm water or liquid dish soap. If you use dish soap, mix 4 cups of warm water with 1 tsp. of liquid dish soap in a small bucket. Also have a second bucket with clean cold water. With both buckets at your side and a soft sponge in each, you can begin cleaning your walls. Start with the soap mixture and squeeze most of the water out of the sponge so it is just damp. Wipe the wall one small section at a time. Follow up with the clean water and sponge to rinse and wipe the soapy residue off of the wall. Continue until your walls are clean. For tougher stains you may need to make a cleaning paste. Start by use baking soda and water. Make a pasty mixture with the two ingredients. With a non-abrasive cleaning pad, gently rub the paste on the stains. As the stain dissolves, use clean water to wipe the areas clean. It also a good idea to use a dry cloth to remove the water. You never want water setting too long on paint.

Cleaning Stains from Walls with Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints are very hardy and can be cleaned with different types of cleaner. To keep it simple, you can use the same cleaning solution and methods as latex. However, you are also free to use a vinegar and water based cleaner. Whichever mixture you choose, remember to wash with the cleaner, then rinse and dry. For stubborn stains you can use Borax mixed with water and with a scrubbing pad dip and clean the stain. Make sure you rinse thoroughly as the Borax is very acidic.

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When cleaning your home’s walls it important not to damage the paint. Follow this basic cleaning guide to preserve you home’s paint. For all of your painting needs contact McKay’s Painting today!

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