How to Clean, Refinish & Restore a Weathered Painted or Stained Deck in Hope Ranch, CA

How to Clean, Refinish & Restore a Weathered Painted or Stained Deck in Hope Ranch, CA

Every three to five years a deck requires cleaning and refinishing. This involves many steps which takes time and a lot of elbow grease. However, it is essential to refinish a deck to extend its life. A deck is an investment to your home that provides comfortable outdoor living spaces. For those who don’t know what work is involved to properly clean and refinish a deck, McKay’s Painting will go through the deck refinishing process.

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Inspecting and Cleaning – The first step is to inspect the entire deck for damages and maintenance needs. If a piece of wood is broken or is splitting, you might need to repair or replace the broken piece. Secure any loose nails, screws, or hardware at this time as well. After you have done all of the needed repairs and maintenance, your next step is to clean the deck. First, sweep away all of the dirt and debris on the deck, followed by hosing the entire deck down. Some people will use a basic garden hose. Others will use a pressure washer to wash the deck. Either will work fine. However, only use a pressure washer if you’re familiar with a power washing machine and the proper setting for wood.
Stripping and Scraping – After the deck has been washed and had some time to dry, your next step is to apply a stripper to remove the top coat stain and sealer. You may need to do small sections of the deck, depending on the size and design. After the stripper has had time to lift the sealer, use a flat scraper to remove the loose or lifted sealer so the wood is sooth.
Sanding – After you have stripped and scraped the deck, your next step is to sand the wood. It is recommended using an electric sander. Depending on the condition of the wood you may need to sand with a heavy grit sand paper for a smooth finish. After you have finished sanding, make sure to remove all of the saw dust before you begin restraining the wood. You want to use a blower or sweep the deck surface. Either way, make sure all of the saw dust is gone before you stain.
Staining – Stain quality does vary. Some of the more expensive stains are the best ones to use. In addition, they even last a little bit longer than the cheaper stains will. Cheap stain requires you to refinish a deck about every three years, while higher quality stains and sealers can last five years before they need to refinish a deck. The quality of stain is often determined by budget. However, it is recommended to extend the life of your deck, to use a high quality stain and sealer. Some stain can be applied with a brush or roller. However it is recommended to start high and work your way to the floor when staining and sealing a deck.

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A lot of work goes into refinishing a deck and many people find they don’t have the time or ability to do it on their own. If you find you need help refinishing your deck, contact McKay’s Painting and see how our many services can help you.

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