How to Choose What Color I Should Paint My House Exterior in Goleta, CA; Tan, Gray & More

How to Choose What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior in Goleta, CA; Tan, Gray & More

When you are looking to update the look of your home picking out the right paint color can be the perfect way. The exterior of your house does not have a lot that you can change out to make a big impact except the color of the house. Although paint can really help the look of the house out if you make a bad decision it can be bad as well. You want to make sure that you take time to make the right decision. There are some colors that are always going to be a good decision and are timeless. Of course you need to also take into account the neighborhood and the time period of the house you are painting.

McKays Painting Lists the Best Exterior House Paint Colors

Tan Exterior House Paint Color: When it comes to the best paint color for your home inside or out a good tan or khaki color is a great option. The best thing about choosing this color for your home is that you can pair it with so many other colors as a way to accent. The color combinations are endless when it comes to painting your trim and eves. You can also take a lot of liberties when you landscape the yard and property. It is a very neutral color and is not trendy or modern which means it can stand the test of time.
Pale Yellow Exterior Paint: If you are looking for a color to paint your home that is not just your standard neutral color then a pale yellow is for you. This is a great option to add some fun and presence to the house. The color yellow has always lent to it feeling warm and inviting as well. You don’t have to use a bold yellow because even a buttery soft yellow will give the same feeling. This is a great color to use if you want to pair with a bright white as a way to accent your trim work.
Paint Your Exterior Gray: The next color that you can look into when choosing a great color for your home is grey. There are lots of options when choosing grey whether you want a very subtle light color or a color that is a little deeper. You can use a grey that has blue undertones or one that has purple undertones. Similar to choosing a tan color you can use this a way to beautify your home but leave it neutral enough that you can decorate any way you want around it. Using grey is a more modern option but has withstood the test of the time and will continue to fit in for a long time to come. Gray paint shows off a nice sleek look and looks amazing on siding, stone, brick and stucco.

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