How to Choose Paint Types, Finishes & Color Schemes for Your Home in Hope Ranch, CA

How to Choose Paint Types, Finishes & Color Schemes for Your Home in Hope Ranch, CA

Are you ready to update the look of your home? The best way to do that is to use a fresh coat of paint! A new coat of paint is a great way to increase the cleanliness and appeal of any room. One of the steps of having your home painted is trying to decide on the color that will best fit your décor. If you are repainting it is a great time to look at the existing colors that you have and decide if a different color is better or more modern. Although the color that you choose is a huge part of the process the decisions that you need to make do not end there. There are several other aspects to the paint that you choose that need some considerations.

McKay’s Painting Offers Several Aspects of Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

Is Oil Or Latex Based Paint Better: One part of choosing the paint is if you should use an oil based paint or a latex based paint. If you want to go with the majority of people then the latex paint is best. The latex is a water based paint and it actually has just a good if not better finish when painted on your walls. The problem that you will come across when you choose an oil based paint is that the smell from the paint will linger for some time. When you hire a company to paint your home it is a great idea to let them know that your preference for paint is a latex paint.
Best Paint Finish for Room or Surface: The next decision that you need to make is what finish you want when the paint has dried. There are several options and for the most part it does have to do with personal preference. If you want a flat finish, then a matte option is great. The problem is that flat paint is extremely hard to clean. You can choose a satin or semi-gloss that leaves the walls with a partial shine. The shine is not overdone and is a great choice and actually the top choice for most people. It helps to hide some small flaws in the wall and is easy to clean. You can use cleaning products in the wall to remove scuffs and even marker when necessary. The other option that you have is to use a high gloss finish. This has a major shine and is usually left to be used in trim work from baseboards, door trim and even your beautiful crown molding.
How Many Paint Colors in a Room?: You might have thought about the main color of your home but if you look around the house there are areas that could use a separate color. This are called using color schemes in your home. It can be several colors that are found throughout the house and used in smaller accent areas. Make sure you have a plan before the project starts for the best results.

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