How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior in Montecito, CA; Natural Lighting & More

It’s no secret that you can achieve a big change in your home at a minimal cost when you decide to repaint the interior of your house. Most people will also tell you that when they are trying to choose the right paint for their house, it is hard. Standing in front of a selection of paint chips as you try to choose the right paint for your home is an overwhelming predicament for most people. McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips to ensure you choose just the right paint for your home every time.

Use Textiles for Inspiration for House Painting Designs

If you are just painting the walls in your home or are doing a complete redesign of a space, the best way to choose the right color for the wall is to draw inspiration from the textiles in your room. If you are changing the style of the room completely, choose some fabrics that you will be using in the new space and find a paint color that compliments them. Fabrics that have pattern in them are often the best, simply because they usually incorporate several different colors and shades into the fabric. This makes it easy to find the right color.

Choose Paint Colors that Work Well With Other Rooms

If you’re like most people, you want there to be a certain amount of flow in your home. This means that each rooms works well with the rooms that are near it. Some rooms will not only share walls, but have an open concept that needs to flow or else it can make your home feel choppy rather than open and inviting. Choose colors that work well with other spaces in your home to get the cohesive feeling when you walk through the house.

Think About Natural & Other Lighting when Choosing Paint Colors

Have you ever picked out what you thought was the perfect paint, only to get home and find that you hate the way it looks in your house because the shade is completely different? The natural and artificial lighting in your home will have a big impact on the way that the shade you choose looks. You should take paint samples home and see what they look like at different times throughout the day to ensure you like the way they look.

Paint Finish for Kitchen Living & Other Rooms

The finish you choose for your paint can have a large impact on the overall look of your space. There are several finishes to choose from including:
– Flat
– Eggshell
– Satin
– Semi-Gloss
– High-Gloss

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No matter what paint you choose for your house, it’s a big job to tackle on your own. If you need help selecting the right paint, you can count on the experts at McKay’s Painting to help you make the right choice for your home. We will provide you with superior painting services that will leave you with a beautiful finished product. Call us today!

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