How to Choose Living Area & Other Room Paint Colors for Your Home Interior in New Cuyama, CA

Are you looking to paint your home? The internet is full of ideas when it comes to home painting ideas- so many that it can make you dizzy! Your family’s personality should play a role in picking paint colors. Doing so will ensure that you will be comfortable with your choice and love the way it looks once it’s on the walls. Your first step should be to pick the color for the central living area(s) of your home, then you branch out to individual rooms.

Popular Living Room Colors

It’s best to choose a neutral color for walls where spaces are connected. These areas typically include the foyer, main hallway, the living room and the kitchen or dining room if you have an open concept home. You may roll your eyes when you hear “neutral”, but the good news is that neutral paint colors don’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean your home has to look like everyone else’s either. Choosing a neutral color for the main areas of your home allows for a backdrop that you can then add more color. Neutral colors include white, beige/tan and gray. You can also achieve a neutral-like look with light blues, yellows and greens.

Choosing Neutral Paint Colors

• White. White is a clean, fresh, and timeless combination of classic and modern. White is crisp and airy and when you pair white with strong colors you can achieve clear lines and stark contrasts.
• Tan/beige. Tans and beiges are stylish without being showy and are the most popular neutral options as they can provide an earthy feel along with a calming stability.
• Gray. Gray appeals to modern families. Think stainless steel or chrome and gray. Gray fits in well with technology and professionalism.
• Yellow. Yellow can be cheerful and energetic. It can also spark creativity and positive energy.
• Blue. Blue can provide a sense of tranquility and is associated with water and the sky. Blue is easygoing, welcoming and natural.
• Green. Green is new to the neutral color game and sage green is at the top of the popularity list because it’s soothing and organic.

Wall, Ceiling, Trim & Accent Wall Color Combinations

Now that the neutral color has been chosen, it’s time to add more color.
Accent walls. Painting an accent wall is the best way to make your room pop and a great way to show your personality. Pick a bold and energetic color that will balance the room and create a focal point.
Ceiling paint. Painting the ceiling a lighter or darker shade than the color you picked for the room can look great. You can even pick a completely different color, as long as the color doesn’t clash with the wall color that is.
Trim paint. Most people keep trim white and that’s great, but you can go with gray or black with white walls. You can also use any color that fits your personality. It’s your home and the possibilities are endless!

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The great thing about paint is that it’s easy to change if you don’t absolutely love it. So, have fun with it! You can always contact the experts at McKay’s Painting for a consultation if you just can’t decide. Give us a call today!

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