How to Choose Exterior House Paint Combinations in Ballard, CA; Shade, Match Roof, How Lighting Affects & More

When you decide it’s time to change up the look of your home with new exterior paint colors, it can be overwhelming when you see just how limitless the possibilities are for color choices. Narrowing down the perfect color for your home can be a big undertaking and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is the first impression your home will be making as people pass by. McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips to help you pick that perfect color for your home’s exterior.

Choose Light, Medium or Dark Shade First

The first step in choosing the right exterior color for your house is to choose the shade. You need to decide if you want the color of your home to be a light, medium or dark shade. This is a great starting point and usually a rather easy decision to make as most homeowners have been thinking about ideal colors for the outside of their home.

What Color House Goes with Your Roof?

If you have a roof that is black or neutral grey, you don’t have to factor in the color of your roof nearly as much as someone that has a roof with red, tan, green or blue undertones. The last thing you want is the color you choose to clash with your roof which is the biggest portion of color other than the actual color of your home.

Lighting Affects Paint Color

It’s no secret that light can have a big impact on color. The same goes for the exterior paint color on your home. Sunlight will make your colors look cooler than they really are. As a good rule of thumb, choose a color that is 2-3 shades warmer than you actually want as the sun will have that cooling affect on your home color choice.

Use Exterior House Paint Color Samples

We cannot emphasize this enough, sample, sample, sample. It is truly impossible to choose just the right paint color without experimenting with multiple samples first. There are variables like the direction in which your home faces, shadows and sunlight that make it nearly impossible to make the right choice without testing multiple colors first.

Choosing Trim & Accent Paint Colors

Once you have your main paint color set in stone, it is time to think about the trim and accent colors you will be using on your home. Remember when you are choosing these colors, less is more. You don’t want to have too many different colors on your home as this can be distracting rather than attractive. While accent colors and trim colors can bring out architectural details, you don’t want them to end up being distracting.

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If you are having a difficult time choosing the right color for your home, you can rely on the color consultants at McKay’s Painting to help you make the right choice. We have extensive experience and can ensure you are more than happy with the results. Call us today!

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