How to Choose Different Paint Colors & Schemes for Open Floor Plans in Isla Vista, CA

How to Choose Different Paint Colors & Schemes for Open Floor Plans in Isla Vista, CA

Homes have been built with open floor plans for some time now. It brings everyone together from the various living spaces in addition to the other benefits it offers. The open floor plan is designed to create a spaciousness by melding the rooms together; offering increased comfort and help the home feel more welcoming and cheerful. However, the biggest challenge for homeowners is to select a color palette that can smoothly transition from one room to another when the walls are no longer an element to divide the rooms up. The problem is too little colors makes the home boring and too many colors can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer suggestions to help you paint your California open floor plan.

Open Floor Plan Paint Color Scheme Ideas

1) Designate 3-5 paint colors. For the entire space of the open floor plan, commit to only 3-5 colors. This a vital tactic that can ensure there is balance. White or a light color variation should be one color, select one or two colors from the neutral family, and one or two colors as supporting colors. Select colors from the same family or colors that share the same intensity to maintain a cohesive color scheme.
2) Neutral paint palette. Neutrals do not need to be boring in your open floor space. If you want to add spice, implementing texture or patterns is an optimal solution. A great background color for an open floor plan a simple white color or a neutral color to give you more options with contrasting colors as well as the textures and patterns or to let a unique ceiling design or intriguing backsplash be the focal point.
3) Paint color accents. A white or otherwise neutrally painted room gives you more versatility to paint the accents with colors. Bold architectural focal points or the interesting angles and corners can be painted bold colors let the color be more eye popping. In areas where there is a natural stop and start point, is where you can transition into another room and offer variations of the contrasting or bold accent colors.
4) Paint tone variations. An attractive display is letting too much of one color flood the space. to add dimension or transition from one space to another in the open plan living space, utilize the tone on tone technique.
5) Let the architecture and furnishings complete the look. To help enhance the space’s overall style, do not underestimate the use of the furniture or architecture. For instance, a bookcase placed in the right spot can break up a long wall that gives you more room for altering the colors. Another example is to let the kitchen cabinets tie two rooms together. Also, take advantage of the ceiling beams to provide a natural transition and slightly alter the color from room to room. For a unique blend, the molding can also be resource to break the colors up. Furniture can offer exciting colors and patterns to neutral backgrounds as well. Throw pillows can play a role in adding whimsical coloring. An area rug to your open floor plan will help add colors without too much change as the rooms transition. Pay attention the flooring coloration, your furniture and accessories along with the architecture to enhance the rooms in an open floor plan.

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