How to Choose Crown Molding in Ventura, CA for Fireplace Mantels, Built In Bookcase Trim, Cabinet to Ceiling & More

Crown molding is a decorative piece that is installed where the wall meets the ceiling in homes and businesses alike. Crown molding is made of many different types of materials and can add design and beauty to a space when it is installed properly. It is important to note that there is a little more to crown molding than one may think. That’s why McKay’s Painting is here to talk a little more about it so that you can make the right crown molding choice for your space.

Uses for Crown Molding

While the most common place that crown molding is used in home is where the wall meets the ceiling, there are other uses for it as well. Following are some of the most common residential uses for crown molding:
– Fireplace Mantels: If you have a fireplace and are looking for ways to add more design and appeal to your generic mantel, crown molding may be the answer. You can add crown molding to make your mantel stand out as a design feature in your space.
– Built In Bookcase Trim: When you add crown molding to your space, it is important that you don’t forget about bookshelves. This will help tie your bookshelves into the overall design of the space and add dimension to the room.
– Cabinetry: Looking for ways to update your upper cabinets in the kitchen without completely replacing your cabinets? The addition of crown molding can be just what they are missing. It looks attractive and can actually make your ceiling appear higher than it actually is.
– Hollow Crown Molding to Hide Wires: You can have hollow crown molding installed in your home to hide wires that you may have had installed after the home was originally built. Not only will this add architectural appeal to your space, but it can hide these unsightly wires without you putting holes in the walls or ceilings.

Different Types of Crown Molding

When it comes to crown molding, there are several types to choose from. Here are some of the different types of crown molding that is available to you:
– Wood: The most common type of crown molding found in homes. It is also the most expensive and can be more difficult to install than other choices.
– Plaster: Plaster crown molding is usually custom molded and is also one of the most common types used.
– Flex/Rubber: This is a common choice for rooms that have curved windows as it can bend around them without making the many cuts that have to be made with other materials. It isn’t nearly as durable though.
– Styrofoam: This can be difficult to install because Styrofoam is such a soft product, but it can be beautiful when installed properly. It is lightweight and affordable.

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