How to Choose an Accent Wall in Bedroom, Living Room or Other Rooms in Ventura, CA

How to Choose an Accent Wall in Bedroom, Living Room or Other Rooms in Ventura, CA

When you are ready to make some changes to a room in your house, paint can make quite an impact. It is a great way to freshen up a room and tie in some color that you have been wanting to. When you are ready to make a change you want to make sure that you take time in picking the right color. Some people want to have their room painted with a single color which is a very standard option. You can use a single color if you plan to spruce up the rest of the house with bright and fun colors. Although a single color is good, a better option is to use accent colors as well. Most rooms will look their best when there is a trio of colors. The main base color, a secondary color and the accent color as well. This will bring out the architecture of the room. Although a trio of colors is great it is also important to know where to place these colors.

McKay’s Painting Offers Tips for Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall

What Wall Draws Your Attention: When you walk into any room in your house there is an area of the room that will naturally draw the eye. You can even determine which wall that is if you have no furniture in the room. If you are not sure which wall it is or you are second guessing yourself have a few friends check. Have them walk in and point at the focal area that draws them in. If you are sure where the focal wall is you want to make sure that you paint it the accent color that you chose. The color should accent the rest of the colors in the room.
Make Focal Wall: The next aspect of the accent wall that you want to look at is which wall is the focal point. There are times that there might not be a specific wall that draws the eye and you are met with the task of making one. You want to be sure that you choose a wall that has no windows or doors to make the accent wall stand out. You can choose a wall and with the arrangement of the furniture and the décor. You just need to be sure that there is something that will draw that eye to the area like a beautiful piece or art, a shelf or plants.
How Far is the Wall from the Door: An accent color can be used in any room in the house but many people choose to have it in a bedroom. One of the best walls to accent is the wall that is furthest from the door and is the shorter wall. You may want to adjust your bed so that the headboard is in the center of the wall.

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