How Paint Colors Affect Mood in Santa Ynez, CA; Red Energy, Positive Yellow & Peaceful Blue Color Effects

When you are decorating your home you want it to show off your own unique style. You want to know that when people walk in your house they get the feeling that you want to show off to them. The best thing you can do is to make decisions about your home that give off the vibe that you are going for. You can use decorations to show off the colors, style and theme of your home or a specific room. There are some people that want a modern and sleek look while others love the look of a country home. There are lots of options that you can choose from to get your house to look the way that suits you best. One area of the home that you can take charge of is the color on the walls. The paint color that you choose can give the overall feeling of the house and what you choose can actually change your mood. McKay’s Painting outlines how paint color can change your mood in a room or space.

How Red Paint Colors Affect Mood?

You don’t have to choose a stark white house anymore. You can use a color that brings some energy to a space if you want to. One of the colors that you might want to choose that have been used for many years is red. Red is a bold color to choose and most people that use this will have it in a kitchen or an accent wall. The color red may seem bold but it will bring in the vibe that you want. The color red has been shown to raise the energy of a room that you want to increase some vibrancy in. The color also will give a way to start communication in the space and has been shown to increase appetite as well. That is why so many people choose to use this color in a kitchen space.

How Does Yellow Paint Affect One’s Mood?

The other color that you might want to choose for your home is yellow. There are many shades of yellow that you can choose from. The great thing about yellow is that it is a color that brings positivity to any space. If you have a room of a teenager this might be a great match. If you have an entry way that you want to give positive and welcoming vibes in then yellow may be the best color for you. You can choose to have light buttery yellow or a bright yellow depending on the boldness that you want to show.

How Does Blue Color Affect the Brain?

Another color that is a great addition to just about any home is blue. There are lots of shades that you can choose from but blue brings calmness to the space. Blue is a great color to have on walls in a home, bedroom, kitchen and more. The great thing about blue is that it represents the outdoors and the sky and that is why it brings a sense or serenity and calmness to a space.

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