How Often Should You Paint Your Interior Walls & Ceilings, & Your House Exterior in Mission Canyon, CA?

Painting the interior walls in your home is a great way to keep your home’s décor in style and follow current trends. There is no transformation quite like painting the walls of a room to freshen it up and take the design in a completely different direction than it was. When you are getting ready to have your interior walls painted, it may leave you wondering how often you should be painting the interior walls in your home. McKay’s Painting is here to share some information about how often your walls should be painted depending on the type of room it is.

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When it comes to frequency at which you should paint the walls in your home, it greatly depends on the room you are planning to paint. There are some rooms that see higher amounts of traffic and will need to be painted more often than others. Here is a breakdown of each room in your home and how often you should be painting the walls.
– Living & Dining Rooms: While these rooms are used often in most homes, if you used a high-quality paint when painting them in the first place, you can get away with painting them less often. Most living and dining rooms can get away with painting every 5-7 years.
– Kitchen: Because food is prepared in the kitchen and that includes dealing with greasy foods, you need to be sure the right paint is used in this room. Most people will choose to have their walls painting with Semi-gloss paint to make the walls easier to clean. When speaking of how often the walls need to be painted, generally, in the kitchen it is every 3-4 years.
– Bathrooms: Moisture that is found in the bathroom may require it to be painted every 3-4 years as well. You should also use a higher sheen on the bathroom as well to help with the moisture.
– Bedrooms: For households that have no children, you can go many years without painting the bedrooms in your home. However, when you have little people in your life, they can wreak havoc on the walls. Typically, a bedroom that is used for sleeping as well as play for a small child, will have to be painted every 2-3 years.
– Hallways: Hallways are a high traffic area in any house. You will be able to see noticeable wear and tear on the walls as people run their hands down them as they walk through the space. That’s why it is recommended that they are painted every 2-3 years as well.

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