How Often Should You Paint the Walls, Ceilings & Interior of Your Santa Barbara, CA House?

When you have lived in a home for a long time you may begin to wonder if it is time to repaint. Many people never know when to repaint their home. Most will determine the need when they want to change the color of a room. However, to help maintain the walls and ceilings in your home, repainting may need to come far sooner than when you want to change the room’s color. Paint doesn’t just add color to a home, it also helps protects the walls from water damage and more. McKay’s Painting would like to share how often you should repaint and you will see how each room will vary.

How Often Should Kitchen & Bathrooms Be Painted?

Bathrooms and the kitchen in a home are considered high traffic zones. Everyday and multiple times a day, household members will walk in and out of both the kitchen and the bathrooms. Not only are they frequently used, both rooms are exposed to moisture and humidity. Paint helps protect the walls from the moisture. However, even the paint can wear down from the constant bombardment of moisture. The kitchen also has the extra exposure to cooking oils and grease which also has an effect on the paint. Due to the high traffic and subsequent exposure in bathrooms and in the kitchen, most professionals will recommend repainting the walls every three to four years.

How Often Should You Paint the Walls & Ceilings of Your Dining Room?

Each home varies but for homes with dining rooms that are frequently used find they are also exposed to a number of elements that can wear down the paint. Unless the home is super chaotic, usually the elements in a dining room aren’t nearly as severe as other areas in the home. In most cases the dining areas only need a fresh coat of paint every five to seven years.

How Long Does Paint Last on a Living Room?

Living rooms are another area of the home that can vary on how often it needs to be repainted. In most homes, elements or substance exposure in the living room can be minor. Homes with lots of kids and/or pets can bring in a number of elements that can wear down the paint surface. If the walls are cleaned and not damaged, living room paint can last as long as eight years. However, many people may find they may need to repaint their living room sooner. Again, situations will vary.

How Often Should You Repaint Bedrooms?

When it comes to repainting bedrooms, often you will find the kids’ rooms require more frequent repainting than adult bedrooms. Most adults don’t cause the same wear as a child will in their rooms. As kids play in their room they may begin drawing on their walls or do some wall damage. To protect the walls as well as maintain a clean and fresh paint in your children’s rooms you may need to repaint every three to five years. Adult bedrooms often can easily go every eight to ten years.

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Repainting your home helps protect and extend the life of the walls and ceiling, as well as expresses your personality. If you need professional painting services or if your home is due for a fresh coat of paint, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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