How Often Should the Exterior of a House Be Repainted in Mira Monte, CA? Cracking or Fading Paint & More

When you drive home and look at your house, do you love the appearance and color? If the answer is no, then it is time for a paint upgrade. McKay’s Painting wants to help you know what the signs are when it comes to needing a new exterior paint job. Whether it is because your paint is coming off or because you are ready for a change. Let’s talk about all the signs that help you know when it’s time to paint the outside of your house.

Peeling or Cracking Exterior Paint

Have you noticed that the paint on your house is peeling or cracking? When you see this, you need to realize that it can be a more serious problem than just needing your house repainted. If there is no paint in certain places on your house that means it is not protected by the paint and can lead to mildew, mold, or dry rot. So, when you notice peeling or cracked paint on your house you should get it repainted soon. Not only to make your house look and feel new again but to keep it protected from further damage. The sooner you paint when you notice the less it will cause damage.

Faded Paint on House

House paint will fade over time, especially if it has the hot sun constantly beating down on it. If your house is blocked by trees that are giving it shade then the paint might last a little bit longer than it would with direct sunlight. You also want to know that darker paint colors will fade faster than light colors. You can still paint your house the dark color that you like, but just know you will probably need to repaint it sooner than you would if you went with a lighter color.

Is it Worth Painting House Before Selling?

When you are selling your house, the exterior is the first thing the potential buyers see when they pull up to your house. You want them to see your house and feel like your house is nice and taken care of. If the outside of your home looks good, it can increase the value of your home. Plus, when you have a freshly new painted house it can make your house look 10 years newer.

Desire the Change the Outside Color of Your House?

When it comes to your house color you don’t have to wait until your house is overdue for a paint job. Color trends come and go, so if you want to change the color of your house to keep up with the trend then do so. Make your house look great again by painting it with what the house style is today. Or do whatever your style is and paint your house with what fits you best.

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Let’s get your house looking better and newer by doing a new exterior paint job. If you are ready to help upgrade your exterior house give McKay’s Painting a call. We will come out and make your exterior feel and look so much better.

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