How Often Do You Need to Paint Your House Interior in Ojai, CA? Painting Walls in High Traffic Areas & More

While painting is something that can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your home, it is also something that isn’t the easiest thing to do. It requires endless hours of prep work and clean up. When painting is done, it can leave homeowners wondering how long the paint is going to last? This depends on several different factors that can have a big impact on the amount of years you will get out of your paint. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about interior paint and how long you can expect it to last.

Choose Durable Paint for Walls in High Traffic Areas

The areas in your home that are high traffic will need to be painted more frequently than other areas. Here are some of the most common high traffic areas.
– Mudrooms: The mudrooms in your home are a place where people stop and drop. It isn’t uncommon for shoe scuffs to show up on the walls where shoes have been thrown. These areas tend to need to be touched up more often than other spaces.
– Bathrooms: There is a great deal of moisture and humidity found inside bathroom areas. This can leave some staining and cause paint to peel if it wasn’t high enough quality paint.
– Kitchens: Because there is so much food prep that happens in the kitchen, it is usually an area that needs to be painted more often as well. Food on the walls and the ceiling can leave it looking less than ideal. If you use a high quality paint, you can wash the walls, easily, but when you don’t, you may find that you need to paint it more often.
– Hallways: The hallways in your home will probably need more touching up than other spaces as well. This is an area where there are people constantly walking and touching the walls.

How Does Weather Affect Painting

The weather is another thing to think about in regard to paint. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of intense sunlight and have many windows in your home, it will cause the paint on the walls to fade with time. Also, if the area you live in is close to the ocean, you may have salty air which can leave you painting more often as well.

How Often Do You Need to Paint Your House Interior?

For most homeowners, you can plan on the paint on your walls lasting 7-10 years before you need to paint it again. This can be a big project, but it is also one that is usually worth the time and effort. New paint will not only change the look and feel of your home, but it will also increase the value of your home.

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