How Much Value & Curbside Appeal Does Painting Add to a House in Montecito, CA?

How Much Value & Curbside Appeal Does Painting Add to a House in Montecito, CA?

Can repainting your home’s exterior help increase its value? When a homeowner is thinking about selling their home within the near future, you may want to consider having the house’s exterior repainted. It has been found that painting the home’s exterior can help sell home in many ways. McKay’s Painting will share the many ways exterior painting can help sell your home.

Value of Painting House Before Selling

Increase Home Value: Can painting really increase the value of a home? Yes, there are many variables that show exterior paint can help increase the value of the home. To start, when you paint the exterior of the home, you ensure the home has been well cared for and helps save that need for the new homeowners to paint the home within the near future. Painting the home exterior should be done every 10 years to help protect the home from the elements. By having the home painted, you show the home is worth its current value.
Curbside Appeal: When selling your home, curbside appeal is essential. When it comes to buying a home every buyer judges a book by its cover. When buyers are looking for a home they want a home that has been well taken care of. How else do you advertise the quality of the home without a fresh clean coat of paint? In order to entice a potential buyer to walk through your home, they will first need to get past the front yard and into the door. If the outside makes a buyer feel like the home has been neglected, they will move on looking for a better kept home.
Right Paint Color: When painting the home exterior, choosing the right color does matter. Most buyers want a home that blends or flows with the rest of the community. When choosing a paint color, choose a neutral color such as white, tans, and grays. Avoid bright colors such reds, bright greens, purple and etc. No one wants to live in the house that doesn’t belong. When choosing to repaint your home, pick a color that will blend with the community and not stand out like a sore thumb. When investing in painting the exterior of your home, you will want the expense to benefit you and not repel buyers.
Professional Painting Service: When selling your home, it is recommended you use a professional painting service. Painting the exterior of a home can become a major expense and a burden. Additionally to ensure quality you will want to use a professional service not only for their tools and painting materials, but also for their experience. Professional painting service use an experienced team of painters that comes with all of the tools and equipment needed to paint the exterior of homes. Professional painting services can also get the job done faster, ensuring your home is ready to be put out on the open market.

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