How Many Accent Paint Colors Should You Use in a Room in Your Vandenberg Village, CA House?

When you are choosing to paint your home you need to start by deciding what color you want. Some people choose to go with the same color that is on the walls and just freshen it up which is great. When you paint your walls it is a good time to make other décor changes while you’re at it. The paint is only one aspect of your homes indoor décor. There are other ways to boost the look and feel of the home with accent colors and other colored décor. If you want to make a change to your home it is a good idea to have a full thought out plan and be sure that it will work in your space. Matching colors using accent colors throughout your house is not an easy task. If you do it wrong you might end up with a mess or at minimum colors that just seem to clash. There are some painting rules that you need to follow when you are choosing the colors and how you will be using them in the home. McKay’s Painting outlines some considerations when painting accent colors.

How Many Accent Colors Should Be a Room?

Some people think if you want to make your home colorful you need to use a bunch of colors. The more color you use the more colorful the house will be. Although a huge array of colors will make the house look colorful it may not look appropriate for a home. Creating a fun and creative color pallet does not mean lots of colors but it does mean that the colors you do choose should accent one another. You can use a two or three colors as an accent around the home and be sure that each of the colors is used throughout so that you can establish a theme throughout. That is why it is extremely important for you to choose a color that will work well in different types of rooms. You might want to have the theme go throughout the bedrooms, bathroom and the kitchen. Be sure if you get a theme you choose one of the colors that will act as the base color. It can be the color that is used one the largest surface. The color can switch to one of the accent colors in another room as long as you continue to use the rest of the accent colors in the room.

How Do You Use Accent Colors?

If you are choosing to have a theme of colors around a particular room you need to use them all correctly. The main color will encompass a large area while the accent colors may be a little more subtle. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that each accent color is used a minimum if three times somewhere in the room. This will allow the room to flow as well as make sure that the colors are intended to be in the room. You can add this same color with pillows, art and other furniture.

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