How Do You Repair & Restore a Sun Damaged Deck in Ventura, CA? Should You Pressure Wash Decks & More

The two most destructive outdoor elements that will wear a deck down the fastest is water and UV damage from the sun. Today McKay’s Painting will discuss the damages that the sun does to wooden decks. From this you will see how simple maintenance can help your deck to look its best and last longer!

Should You Pressure Wash a Deck?

The first step is to strengthen the wooden deck in its present form or condition. It is crucial to the integrity that the structure that it is maintained and strong. When wood becomes softened or too worn, it becomes more susceptible to the UV rays of the sun and damage will occur. One sign that the sun has begun to damage the wood is that the wood will start to turn a grayish color. The gray discoloration indicates not just a cosmetic problem but worse, the structural integrity is becoming weakened. Most homeowner’s will hear they need to pressure wash their deck as a preparation to refinish it. However most homeowner’s aren’t experienced with sun rotted wood and use too much pressure. This is why it is recommended you use a professional pressure wash instead. Not only does a professional know how much pressure to use, we additionally have the detergents that can kill or slow down mold, mildew and other funguses that grow on wood without the use of bleach which can stress and damage wood. However for the determined homeowner, it is important to know how much pressure to use as well as water flow. As a good rule to follow, especially when dealing with softer surfaces like wood, start with the lowest setting. Work your way up to find the correct pressure and water flow to clean the surface of your deck.

How Do I Protect My Deck from Ultraviolet Sun Rays?

By the end of winter and just before spring is one of the best times to take on the task of refinishing your deck but any time is a better time than never. You of course will need to look at your deck’s structure and replace any supports or joists that are structurally weak. Sand the surface of the deck to apply the new finish. You will want to use a proper sealer or finish on your deck, especially if it isn’t shaded much by trees etc. Without the proper finish, your deck, if left exposed to the sun, can lead to rotting, swelling, cracking, warping and splintering. McKay’s Painting recommends using one of these three finishes that will protect your wood from the suns UV rays and water damage which is a win-win situation in our eyes.

Which Deck Sealer is Best?

Clear/Transparent Deck Sealer – Excellent UV protection is one that is water resistant. This type of sealer is also mildew resistant. These types are affordable and easy to apply. In addition, this sealer lasts up to two years before you will need to refinish your deck again.
Semi-Transparent Deck Sealers – These sealers have a high UV protection rating. They repel water, mold, mildew and of course, the rays from the sun. You can choose from a range of colors with this type of sealer. They will continue to protect your deck for two to three years before you need to refinish your deck.
Solid Deck Sealers – This type of sealer is the number one finish for UV protection as well as for protection against water, mold and mildew. Additionally, it helps retain the color of your wood. You can apply this finish on your entire deck. It works really well on the vertical pieces such as railing and siding of the deck. Solid stains last for four years before the need to refinish your deck, which make them an excellent investment.

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McKay’s Painting knows that during the warm season we spend more time outside. Homeowners should enjoy their decks for years to come with the proper maintenance and resurfacing tools and products. If you need assistance with your home’s deck in cleaning or refinishing, contact us today. We can come and help restore your deck’s structure and beauty. Call us today!

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