How Do You Make Paint Color & Finish Look Consistent on Interior Walls in Your Port Hueneme, CA House

When you are ready to start a new painting project you need to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Painting is offered by professionals for good reason. One is not just because they are able to do it in a quick manner but they can control the outcome. The nice clean lines and consistent color is part of their training. Have you ever walked into a room and seen that the wall color looks darker in some spots? Maybe the sheen of the finish is duller in some areas while others are glossy. This is a problem with consistency when the paint is being applied to the wall. It is easier to control on a very small surface but when you try and paint a large wall it can be harder. McKay’s Painting offers helpful tips to keep the color and finish consistent when interior painting.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Paint?

If you know that you are going to repaint the living room walls you need to make sure once you have chosen your color you need to buy the paint. The paint should first off be a good quality but you also need to know how much is necessary to complete the job. The paint needs to all be mixed and purchased at the same time. This is to be sure that the paint is all mixed and prepared at the same time. You never want to go and purchase paint and realize that you don’t have enough when the job is not done. You then might need to go get more paint and when that happens you could have a slight variation on the finish and color. The paint is often mixed by a machine which seems that it should always be the same. The problem is that if there is a very small deviation on the paint on a large surface it shows up quite predominantly.

Make a Plan for Painting Two or More Walls

If you are painting a large area you want to separate your cans of paint. This is so you can use one can on each wall to ensure that the color will not change in the middle of the wall. Then you want to save some of the can and label it so that you know what wall each can was used. That way you can do touch up when necessary.

Use Same Painting Technique

When you paint a wall with a roller and you go up and down with your strokes you can’t change on another wall. You need to use the same exact technique to paint each and every wall. This will ensure that the application is the same. You also want to be sure that you apply the same amount of coats on each wall. This is a problem when people don’t have a good consistent color. The same amount of coats will help to have the same end result on each wall.

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