How Do You Make a Kids Room Creative in Oxnard, CA? Painting a Neutral Paint Color Backdrop & More

As your children get older, the way they want their room to look may be different than it does right now. If the room is still decorated the way it was when they came home from the hospital, then it might be time for a change! McKay’s Painting offers some helpful tips below.

Neutral Paint Color

Kids can be quite indecisive on the color they want their room to be. A good idea here might be to go with a neutral color that will allow for décor to stand out. You and your child can choose some bright colors that they like and then you can ask a professional for suggestions on a neutral hue that can work with many of them. When you paint a room in a neutral color it allows for changes in décor without having to repaint. This saves time and money.

Fun Ideas & Color Choice

You can paint stripes in their room of their favorite color. Stripes can add a fun dynamic to a room. they can be skinny or wide, vertical or horizontal. You can complement busy stripes with simple décor. If stencils are to be used, the walls need to prepared correctly. Make sure they are as smooth as possible. Walls that are not smooth will not hold the stencil tightly and will allow for bleeding. If you have a son or daughter that is into sports, paint is a great way to add to their love and will make a great retreat for you athlete. Choose durable paint as kids can be tough on painted walls-. “Scrubbable’’, low-sheen finishes are great for kid’s rooms making marks on walls from rough play or crayons easy to remove and faux finishes can hide imperfections. A dab of paint and on a sponge can easily cover it. Magnetic paints allow you to create a bulletin board accent wall. This can then be use for pictures or artwork and can be a space for changing interests. It’s a great way to create vertical space too. When you’ve chosen a few colors it’s a good idea to tape the samples to the wall and sit with them for a few days before making a decision.

Should I Let My Children Choose Paint Colors?

If your child feels that their opinions matter, then the atmosphere will be comfortable and creativity can soar. It really doesn’t matter if you like it unless it’s completely inappropriate for their age and you don’t have to look at it all the time anyway. This is their space to be alone and to sleep and play. Resist the urge to push your ideas on your children. Let them make some choices. Get your children invested in the design process. They will feel more in control with creating their room. Before you head to the paint store consider going on line to look at colors and downloading the room you want to paint to get an idea of what the room will look like.

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