How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Windows with New in Montecito, CA

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Windows with New in Montecito, CA

Windows are the soul of our homes. They are our gateway to see outside, to admire the beauty that surrounds our homes. They also provide aesthetically pleasing features and allow for natural sunlight to radiate into our homes. Older homes often have outdated, drafty, single pane windows which do little in keeping out the heat or cold. They are likely to be hard water stained or have been pounded by the elements. Having windows in our homes serve more of a purpose than just aesthetics though. Having windows in good working order can save lives in the event of an emergency. Building codes require windows and doors to have the ability to open quickly, so if a fire or other emergency occurs, you and your family have sufficient means to escape unharmed. Maintaining your windows requires very little upkeep. Ensuring they stay sealed will keep not only the elements out, but unwanted pests as well. Windows show signs when it’s time for them to be replaced. Here are a few signs your windows need to be replaced.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Higher energy bills– If you’re energy bill seems to be higher than the rest of the neighborhood’s, this may be a tell-tale sign your windows are allowing the cooled, or heated air to escape, which will surely skyrocket your bill. On a day when there is a breeze, light a candle, or an incense stick and hold it by your window’s frame. Slowly move it around the window and pause at each corner, if the fire from the candle flickers, or the smoke from the incense blows, your windows are letting drafts in.
How soundproof are your windows? – Newer, more energy efficient windows absorb sound waves before they reach the inside of your home, muffling loud noises and making your home more peaceful. If you can hear a car driving by while standing by your window, it’s probably time to replace them!
Leaky windows or decaying frames– This is a major sign that it is time for a replacement. Over the years, wooden window frames are exposed to a lot of water. This causes the wooden frame of your widows to warp, making it difficult, if not impossible to open freely. This is a major safety concern. Another issue we see frequently is water entering the home due to leaky windows. The most common causes of water entering a home through a window is due to the window sealant failing, or poor installation. If the windows are out of date, it may be best to have them replaced and save yourself extra repairs down the road!
Condensation build up between dual paned windows– If your multiple paned windows appear to be foggy or misty with moisture building up in between them, this mean the seal that has been put in place to protect the window assembly has failed and it may be time for a repair or replacement.

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Improve your home’s appearance and save some cash on your energy bills. Recent advancements in energy-efficient technology have made window construction better than ever. Whether you’re buying a home that needs newer, cleaner, more energy efficient windows, or are simply looking to spruce up your historic home’s appearance, trust the pros at McKay’s Painting to take care of all your home’s decorating needs. Give us a call today for a consultation!

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