How Do You Know if You Have Dry Rot in Isla Vista, CA; Causes & Treatment for How to Stop it

How Do You Know if You Have Dry Rot in Isla Vista, CA; Causes & Treatment for How to Stop it

Does your deck or porch have dry rotted wood? Most believe as wood gets older, dry rot occurs. Although this is true, there is another cause as to why dry rot will occur in any wood, regardless of its age. For those wondering why dry rot occurs in their home, deck, or porches, McKay’s Painting will share the causes of dry rot in wood and how you can treat or repair dry wood when it occurs.

How Long Does it Take for Wood to Rot from Water?

The most common cause for dry rot to occur is when wood is exposed to water. When wood and water sits on each other, or is constantly exposed to water or moisture, fungus will begin to grow and spread through the wood. As the fungus is left unchecked, it will take over and create weak spots in the wood. As the wood begins to dry out, and the fungus has had time to do its work, the result will be dry crumbling wood, which is what creates that dry rot appearance. When one area becomes affected by the fungus, often it will create cracks and expose the surrounding wood which then leaves the intact wood exposed to the fungus and moisture. This is a prefect recipe for further wood damage. Once dry rot settles in our on deck or porches, it will become dangerous to walk on the surface and especially on infected areas leading to minor or serious injury.

How to Prevent Dry Rot

It is always best to prevent dry wood from occurring. Preventing dry rot is maintaining the wood’s integrity by keeping the wood properly sealed. When a deck or wood feature is built around your home, a wood sealer or stain is used to protect the wood from UV and water damages. About every three to five years the deck or porch will need a fresh coat of sealer. This will include stripping the old sealer, sanding the wood, then resealing or refinishing the wood. This will extend the life off any wooden outdoor feature. This can be done by the homeowner or a hired contractor or refinishing services.

How to Repair Rotted Wood

Once dry rot occurs in wood, it truly can’t be repaired. It is instead removed and replaced. The damaged wood or the wood infected by the dry rot is cut out and fresh wood is put back in its place. If the dry rot is severe and most of the deck or porch has been infected by dry rot, you may need to rebuild the entire deck or porch all over again.

Dry Rot Inspections

Dry rot is typically easily seen. However sometimes dry rot can occur internally, inside a structure. When this occurs, it can become hard to detect. Hiring an inspector is one option if you suspect that there is dry rot underneath the floor or within the structure. Or you can begin removing the external wood in the areas you believe dry rot to be occurring.

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