How Do You Inject Color into a Room in Casitas Springs, CA? Paint Ceiling, Trim, Wainscoting & More

Many people take time to go through their home and make changes to update the look and feel. They also like to keep up with the latest trends and style. One of the best ways to make a change is to use paint! Painting your home with fresh and trendy colors can change the entire look and feel and also freshen up the home. When you paint the walls in your home you want to be sure that you take into account the colors that you choose and that they will complement each other. Although repainting all the walls in your home is a great way to start that is not the only way to add color to your home. You can use the paint to also add other bursts of color to customize your home and make it your own. McKay’s Painting outlines several ways to use paint to add a pop of color to your home.

Paint Wainscoting

One of the ways you can add some color to your home is to paint the wainscoting in your house. Wainscoting is decorative panelling along the lower wall that protects the wall from scuffs. The paneling is made from wood or some other composite materials and often times is painted white from the manufacturer. Painting it not only adds color to a room but it can also add texture as well. The texture is because the wainscoting has patterns around it that repeat. Many times people choose to just hang the wainscoting and leave it the color that it comes. One way to add another level of color is to paint the wainscoting a shade or two darker than the main wall color. This is a great way to use texture as well as color in your home.

Paint Trim a Different Color

Another addition that many homes upgrade is the trim, baseboard and crown molding. These are all wooden panels that are hung along the ceiling line, or base of the wall as well as around the windows and doors. The trim does often come in white and it is usually left that way. The trim can be painted another color that complements the main walls. The newer trend it to paint these areas with one of the colors in your homes color scheme.

Paint Ceiling

This is not really a new area to paint but using actual color besides white is. The ceiling is often referred to as the firth wall and should not be overlooked. There are colors that you can paint the ceiling that open the room up or make it feel more cozy and comfortable. The ceiling is usually painted a color that is different from the walls but it is best to use a color consultant when making that decision.

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When you are ready to add a fresh pop of color to your home call a painter. We can come out and help come up with a plan and what colors will best fit the décor and design you are going for. McKay’s Painting offers interior and exterior painting, color consulting and more.

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